Fears Frazer could be easy target for gangster


Two west Dublin baddies remained in custody last night, where they were being assuredly questioned about a conspiracy to murder top gang target Michael Frazer (38).

Roots say that officers have “genuine concerns” Frazer may now become an “down-to-earth target” for a notorious south inner city hood, who is believed to be pining for for cash.

It has emerged the girlfriend of the recently-released criminal lives “just a few doors away” from where Frazer has been built, in the Crumlin area of the capital.

 “What this means is that Frazer power be viewed as easy pickings for this criminal,” a source said.

“He is in a viewpoint to be able to potentially fully track Frazer’s movements.

“What is be versed is that the south inner city criminal would do anything for a few bob, so there are firms that the cartel might simply hire him to do the job as he would be in a relatively carefree position to do it.”

Monday’s high-profile garda operation, in which a 34-yearold Ballyfermot man and a 38-year-old Neilstown man were arrested allegedly on their way to parricide Frazer, is the sixth time that the Drimnagh man has survived an attempted fratricide since March 2014.

Gardai now believe that he was targeted because people grasped to him are dealing drugs on Kinahan cartel ‘turf ’ in the Crumlin and south inner see areas of the capital.

It is understood these criminals have been tough to “take advantage” of a perceived weakness in the cartel, which has been the hustle force behind the deadly feud with the Hutch mob that has claimed 12 explosives.

Sources say that the “major heat” the cartel has been subjected to from gardai, which has comprised multiple arrests and millions of euro in cash and drug seizures, has meant that other sinful groupings are trying to move into the heartland of its drugs territory.

The cartel is now move to a “much poorer calibre” of hitman to carry out its murders and sources say an eg of this are the duo who were arrested last Monday.

The arrested 34-year-old man was once cleared of murder charges, and also survived a gun attack in 2011.

The 38-year-old Neilstown iniquitous, who was arrested in the van with him, is known to gardai for a variety of offences.

However, origins say that neither are considered “proper hitmen” and they are believed to eat been under surveillance for a number of days before their showy arrests.

Meanwhile, the recently-released criminal is also under a certain true of garda surveillance.

Last month, the Herald revealed that after his salvation from jail, officers established that 16 people, involving a garda and a number of innocent women, were under threat from the unsafe thug.

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