Father opens up about gangland murder of innocent son


Vincent O’Neill’s son Trevor was gunned down in advance of his partner Suzanne Power and their three children in Majorca in August 2016.

A Kinahan cartel browse through scoff at blasted Trevor, mistaking him for Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s nephew Jonathan (37).

“Suzanne to this day is terrified of her life walking down the road,” Vincent told the Star.

“If she’s roam with the kids and if someone comes up to her, her whole body just evades, she’s reliving the whole thing. It’s disgraceful.

“As for me I’m totally devastated. He was the greatest sophomoric fella that God could give any man or woman. He was a lovely human being.

“Not a day dies by that I don’t be thinking about him. I do be crying all day.

“They didn’t take one mortal here, they are taking mine.

“The man was too good. I’ve photographs of him in the house but I maintain them down because they are too painful to look at. In every one of those photos he has his arm throughout his child.”

Trevor lived with his partner and their three minor children in Drimnagh, working for Dublin City Coundil as an inspector.

Broken-hearted Vincent spoke to the Sunday World shortly after he’s son’s murder:

“The only consolation – the one consolation I have is that if there’s a heaven he’s gone up to it,” Vinnie utter.

“He was too good, he was too good, so he can’t go anywhere else.

“The only thing I will discern you about Trevor,” continued Vinnie. “Ah Jesus I’ve a lump in me stomach, but the only thing I will tell you about him is he was the best young fella.

“He was the greatest inexperienced fella, and not because he was my son, he was the greatest young fella that God ever announced breath to.

“He was just a super human being and all I can be thankful for is 40 years of him.

“He’s something else, he was something else he was – he was twinkling he was.

“And that’s all I can say, I got 40 year of him.

“I used to come over to them every Saturday morning and I till the end of time said it to him: ‘Trevor you’re 100 times a better father then I for ever was.’

“I always said it to him.

“And I’ll tell you one thing, looking at all those flowers it ease ups me up.

“I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.”

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