Fatboy Slim reveals break down in marriage to Zoe Ball ‘helped make more music’


The take the lead, whose real name is Norman Cook, said he ended up bankrupt in the studio to get over his «heartache», when his relationship with BBC Radio 2 presenter Ball flat down after 17 years of marriage.

The pair separated in September continue year, and suffered further trauma when Ball’s next helpmeet, TV cameraman Billy Yates, committed suicide in May at the age of 40. 

The superstar opened up to the Commonplace Star, when he said: «Because of my marital situation, I have a lot diverse time on my hands.

«Practically, I see less of the kids than I used to, so I get more time to make music.

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Fatboy Slim has verbal out on how he’s coped with the split from his wife

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The pair were together for 17 years in the past splitting up

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The radio presenter announced the split on her Twitter in September

I see ungenerous of the kids than I used to, so I have more time to make music

Fatboy Slim

Cook has two babies with his presenter wife — Woody, 16, and Nelly, seven — and after the pair split up Ball told the news on her Twitter account, sharing it was «with great sadness» that they had to come.

The DJ explained that while the situation was tough, the results have been bittersweet, break: «A lot of the creative periods in people’s lives are during times of turmoil and heartache.»

Ball, 46, recently This Morning host Holly Willoughby


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This angelic petty tot grew up to be This Morning host Holly Willoughby

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Fatboy Slim has been rough in the studio producing music

The star even tagged her late associate in the post, nearly two months after his body was found at his London moor. 

But fans of the radio personality were incredibly supportive, and wished her congratulations for reaching the noted milestone. 

Sources had previously said that it was Ball who mainly presented to the breakdown of her and Cook’s marriage, as she was in a «self-destruct mode» at the time.