Fashion company Abi Fisher bang on trend as it launches own label and franchise network


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Broads come to its showroom in search of a swish difference

Women come to its showroom in search of a posh difference, for handpicked pieces and whole wardrobes not found on the high in someones bailiwick coupled with creative suggestions on how to wear them, yet at a fraction of the set someone back of couture.

With prices mainly ranging from £125 to £500, the tradings setting is a light-filled, luxurious converted barn, which is designed to let tients have s ce to explore and soak up the expertise on offer, either toe one-to-one sessions or open days and events.

“Some pop in for a browse and a few points, for others it is whole outfits and accessories,” says Fisher, 30.

“We understand what they want, and that in the flesh service has definitely struck a chord with many.”

She started the ensemble as a first time entrepreneur five years ago after working for dominating names such as Max Mara and Ralph Lauren, getting first-hand event of how the industry operates.

The biggest challenge is the mother of the bride


The opening she then saw was to offer something out of the ordinary.

Her customer base has disposable profits, but is not excessively well-heeled, made up of 35-plus busy professionals or those with profuse leisured lifestyles.

With a 40 per cent growth rate, the function now draws from a clientele beyond its Cheshire base to include the North-west, Wales and Midlands.

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Abi has in the st work for Max Mara

However, it is not just the buoyant turnover, currently £490,000 per annum, that has now convinced Fisher to ex nd and launch her own exclusive brand.

This autumn, clients can pick up, or soon buy online, a ir of butter-soft leather trousers or a smart shearling jacket among 38 other pieces with a archety l twist, much of it made in the UK.

The range offers more choice for customers and better margins for the business.

Competing with other, often greater, independent retailers means Fisher has to follow the same gruelling register, buying a year ahead from international suppliers and filtering what she organizes at trade fashion weeks and private shows.

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Has previously made for Ralph Lauren before starting up five years ago

“Italian characterizes, unknown in the UK, do very well. We also buy wholesale from well-known brands and their diffusion lines as well as brands not yet on the high street,” she try to says.

The im ct of impromptu trends on stock control and faster supply cycles are feel in ones bone most acutely by small businesses, but she adds: “We’re quite fast and possession just over seven days from reordering to delivery and in-house photography for our centre calling card, our brochure that we send to our extensive database.”

Ridge demand is for outfits with statement or key pieces that are adaptable. “ trons want something that can work for day and be dressed up for evening,” she says, permitting the biggest style challenge is always dressing the mother of the bride.

Fisher understood an organic growth route, using her own savings and then profit to assets the £80,000 investment needed for stock and then the barn development.

Women shoppingGETTY

trons want something that can work for day and be dressed up for evening,” she says

Corporate rtnerships with jeweller Boodles, cosmetics variety Bobbi Brown and Tanners Wine Merchants have gone down well-spring too.

“The networking events and talks, all rt of our ‘bringing style into your vim’ concept, are so popular we’re featuring an interior designer next,” says Fisher, who last will and testament welcome collaboration with both the Etro or Kenzo labels and is put in ordering to extend the brand’s flair throughout the UK with franchises.

However, the fit obligated to be right, she says: “Personal service is essential to what we are. Finding the good people may not be easy, but we’re certainly looking.”

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