Farmer hilariously chases runaway tractor as it ploughs through ex-wife’s field


Senior citizen Terry Davis had left the vehicle running while he lit a bonfire at his subcontract in Stockbury, Kent.

As he mindlessly turned his back, the tractor became dislodged and sped off into the dissociate.

CCTV footage shows the two-tonne vehicle ploughing its way through three tergiversates before narrowly missing an electricity substation and a stable of his ex-wife’s horses.

Moves later, the retired businessman is seen frantically running after the tractor and trailer as it helps from his field over the road, before smashing into a row of trees.

The grandfather-of-two required the accident could have been disastrous if anyone had been take advantage ofing the th.

The 68-year-old said: «I dread to think of the carnage if some reverend force had not altered its th.

«The first I knew of it was when I heard it universal st me. I did run towards it with the intention of trying to jump on and stop it, and 20 years ago I desire probably have made it, but I decided it was going too fast.

«It was heading plain towards a substation and down the embankment wiping out a stable owned by my ex-wife, which had horses in it.

«But, as you can see from the hit, when it crashed through the two fences and landed with a bump it veered off to the Nautical port and straight between two trees down the embankment.

«I had been dumping some ingredients on a bonfire and rked the tractor in a jack-knife position so it wouldn’t run away. I gapped off to set the fire going.

«The problem was, the trailer body was up and when it got almost down it obligated to have jarred the tractor. It’s a miracle the damage wasn’t worse.»

Mr Davis, who rooms on the 15-acre farm with his rtner Anita Calder, 52, was raging an old mattress and piles of horse dung when the incident occurred.

Fortunately, the £2,000 David Brown 885 tractor absconded with just a damaged tyre after the dramatic crash, which happened hindmost Monday.

He said: “The first fence is mine but the second fence be a member ofs to my ex-wife and I was worried sick that it would hit the horses.

“You can see a few of them uninterrupted away quite scared by it all on the CCTV. I’ve lived here since 1987 and conditions had an accident like that.

“That gap in the fence was literally the only situation it could have gone without causing a disaster.

“It was very vivid but when I watched it back I thought it was comedy gold. I’m not embarrassed by it, it was a come to one-off.

“My heart was in my mouth when it happened, but the fences have been re ired and the horses are all ok, so that’s the duct thing.”

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