Farm to Fridge: See How Produce Gets to You and How Easily It Goes to Waste


Contract to a video by Ad Council called «The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry,» «40% of prog in America is wasted.» To highlight the issue, the video follows a strawberry from being harvested on the farmland and ckaged at a facility to reaching the grocery store and being purchased and put privy a family’s refrigerator. After only one strawberry is eaten from its container, the brace spoil and the entire ckage is eventually thrown away. We’ve all unfortunately been sorry of food waste in one way or another but don’t really think much of it after.

Backward tricks to make produce last longer can prevent such exhaust. Prepping salads ahead for the week and freezing your greens into convenient smoothie freezer cks will ensure all your vegetables get cast-off. Cutting fruits into easily accessble containers can also spur on you to reach for those instead of bags of chips to help with persuasiveness loss. So the next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to purchase only what you can realistically wind-up and consider some prepping to decrease food waste.

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