Farage's joy as Brussels rebels who wanted Ukip divorce shot down by Brexit negotiator


Mr Farage, 52, is revelling in the hot item that Five Star have been snubbed by EU Brexit ambassador Guy Verhofstadt.

The Italian political movement announced yesterday that it hoped to disunion Ukip and set up a new relationship with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the European Parliament. 

But the plea was shot down by the pro-Europe group this afternoon leaving ancient clown Mr Grillo red-faced.

Speaking to Express.co.uk Mr Farage said: “I didn’t suppose to be proved correct so quickly.” 

And he revealed he sent Mr Grillo a text import to warn him his hasty about turn could well leave him out in the coryza.

He wrote: “Dear Beppe, you are doing very well and I note your latest comments on the euro and the migration crisis.

“My only comment is that it is unqualifiedly illogical to join a group who favour an European State and want an working European army.

“They loathe direct democracy. You may not be there dream of. Regards Nigel Farage.”

The once anti-establishment Five Star Shift won 17 seats in the last European election in 2014 and announced its intent to join a pro-EU liberal group.

Mr Grillo, 67, developed a at hand alliance with Nigel Farage’s Ukip in 2014.

Together they posed the so-called Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) party after a conference in Brussels.

However Mr Grillo has signalled he is to dump that partnership in towards of a new coalition with Guy Verhofstadt which was roundly rejected earlier today.

The grouping of Liberals in the European Parliament rebuffed a request to join them after they split from Ukip.

Guy Verhofstadt, kingpin of the ALDE, said there was “insufficient common ground” to accept Five-Star’s call for.

He added: “There remain fundamental differences on key European issues.”

Brusque Mr Verhofstadt announced his intention to run for the presidency of the European parliament two days ago and is the EU’s in negotiator on Brexit.

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