Farage set for SHOWDOWN with Barnier: Brexiteer secures SHOCK meeting with EU negotiator


Nigel Farage, a premier Brexiteer, has announced that he has finally secured a highly-anticipated meeting with Michel Barnier.

This go after Mr Farage voiced his horror at the leaked EU demands to impose new bloc rulings on the UK level after Brexit. 

Speaking on his Sunday LBC show, the former Ukip chief claimed that the fight for Brexit now resembled a fight for national liberty.

He told his listeners that after months of rejecting his requests for an authorized meeting – even though he met with Remainers Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke – Mr Barnier has lastly given in.


Farage has finally secured a face-to-face meeting with the EU’s Brexit broker Michel Barnier


The shock leaked demands of the EU to impose new laws on the UK after Brexit

Mr Farage give ones solemn word of honoured to take the fight for Brexit to the office of the EU negotiator, particularly following the daze leak of EU demands to impose new laws on the UK after Brexit.

The leaked validates show that Mr Barnier wants to make a transitional deal with the UK conditional on Britain’s acceptance of new Brussels dictate after March 2019. 

The plan agreed behind closed doors, transfer likely enrage Brexiteers in the Cabinet like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Liam Fox, since EU law leave still apply, but leave Britain without any voting rights or being in the discussion of laws.

Ukip leaderLBC

The former Ukip leader claimed that the squabble for Brexit now resembled a fight for independence


The plan will inflame Brexiteers in the Cabinet like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Liam Fox

It descries you think of ‘no taxation without representation’, doesn’t it?

Nigel Farage

The MEP maintained: “Our good friend, Mr Barnier, he loves this country, he has said that during the modification period, all new EU laws will apply directly to the UK

“But, guess what? We won’t be qualified to be in the room and discuss their formation. It makes you think of ‘no taxation without statement’, doesn’t it?

“This is what Theresa May has signed us up for, and when Rees-Mogg impugned her on this, she claimed there was unlikely to be any new EU laws during those two years!”

Mr Farage united that his meeting with Mr Barnier, scheduled for early next year, would also be adapted to to “make a point that there are now more than 17 million people who have a yen for us to get on with this”. 

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