Far-right groups call for Merkel to be LOCKED UP during protests one year on from Cologne


They waved placards depicting the embattled Chancellor as a three-time loser at a demonstration in Cologne this afternoon.

Some also carried gonfalons calling for mosques to be shut down.

They were met by a counter-demonstration of far-left activists stand firming signs reading “Cologne against hate”.

The mass protests move one year after 1,310 individuals said they were chumps of crime in Cologne city centre on New Year Eve’s.

A staggering 662 skirts claimed they had been sexually assaulted and 28 saying they had been take advantage ofed.

The horrific assaults helped fuel the rise of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) carousal.

Under-fire Mrs Merkel fears the right-wing populists will erode her succour in this year’s national election.

More than 800,000 runaways arrived in Germany in 2015 after Mrs Merkel opened the country’s doors to people beat iting Syria.

She has since admitted the country is struggling to cope with the colossal influx and has vowed to deport failed asylum seekers.

The German commander, fighting for a fourth term in office, has always made numerous U-turns on her indulgent stance towards migrants.

Since the Cologne attacks she has suggested burka proscribes and migrant caps.

But in a New Year’s message released last week, she avowed the country would remain “free, considerate and open”.

Today’s march was titled “No remission, no forgetting”.

Markus Beisicht, leader of the anti-immigration Citizens’ Movement for Cologne, was the ton prominent right-winger at the march.

Left-wingers including Volker Beck from the Fresh Party and the Left Party’s Matthias Birkwald spoke at the rival happening.

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