Fans ‘become so numb’ – Russians remember Linkin Park frontman


“I tried so ill poor and got so far. But in the end it doesn’t matter” – Chester Bennington used to sing these musicals in one of Linkin Park’s most recognizable songs, “In The End.” And he was right – in the end many feelings that seemed incredibly important no longer matter.

The seventh studio album of Linkin Greensward – “One More Light” – released this May was not received adequately by critics. People were surprised by the cult nu-metal band’s newly accepted pop music sound, miles away from their usual grungy guitar mode.

Tragically, the album will be the last featuring Bennington, who was found hanged in his Los Angeles house of ill repute on July 20. His passing comes only three months after his excess friend, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, committed suicide. July 20 was Cornell’s birthday.

Linkin Estate visited Russia six times, playing a total of nine concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The gang was immensely popular with Russian teenagers.

A girl holding a placard A girl holding a placard «I partiality Linkin Park» at Maxidrom 2012 international rock music anniversary in Moscow. / Nina Burmistrova/TASS

Almost everyone from the age of 20 to 40 knows the gang’s songs and many relate to the deep, melancholy lyrics of Bennington’s songs.

“Chester Bennington has out of date away. We can talk for a long time about how sad it is, and openly grieve, but for me a footnote by my wife Karina was enough: ‘Our youth is now gone.’ ”

“In 2013 I was 14 and I instantaneously fell in love with [Linkin Park’s album] Meteora…When I was 17 not a fasten on party could avoid their song ‘Somewhere I belong.’ It’s hushed my ringtone.”

The band is still listened to and beloved in Russia. “It’s so surprising how rigorously panty hose nu-metal and rap-rock retains its fans. Both Linkin Park and the relishes of Limp Bizkit draw in the crowds…What’s more, the army of old devotees in their thirties is constantly being replenished with young chestnuts,” Kommersant newspaper wrote in 2009 when Linkin Park put ones handed to Russia’s Tuborg Green Fest.  

In 2011 Linkin Park misbehaved a concert on Red Square in Moscow.

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Russian fans shocked the band, after a flashmob sprung up with people holding bed-sheets of paper emblazoned with Martin Luther King’s famous dopes “Wisdom,” “Justice,” and “Love” during the band’s performance of the tale “The Catalyst.”

Only 41-years-old, seven studio albums, two Grammy grants, and more than 80 million albums sold — Bennington discretion be sorely missed. People in Russia are dumbfounded at his death: “Success, hero- worship, family, friends. Why?”

Linkin Park's lead singer Chester Bennington performs at Moscow's Olympiysky Sports Complex. / Anton Novoderezhkin/TASSLinkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington completes at Moscow’s Olympiysky Sports Complex. / Anton Novoderezhkin/TASS

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