Family launch gofundme page after scumbags steal Christmas


The paters and three-year old daughter from Greenpark Road had gone to the park to rival.

As the family, who have asked not to be named, returned to their home, they saw the man aggregate b regain out their daughter’s bedroom window.

The father tried to pursue, but the man decamped over a wall.

On a page set up to compensate the victims of the burglary, the engender said that all interior doors were smashed off their hinges, a computer was clave open and damaged, clothes ripped and stomped on, and their daughter’s closes from Santa smashed and all over the floor.

It was ‘certainly not a sight to take place home to on Christmas Day’, the man said on the gofundme page.

Family friend Jan Rejthar put out an implore for help on St Stephen’s day and said that the response has been overwhelming.

‘They accept gotten unexpected support from the Bray community,’ said Jan.

‘Being were showing up with gifts for their daughter, bringing ratify and reassurance to their door,’ said Jan.

‘The moment it was announced on Facebook, people I tease never met were contacting me asking what they can do and offering to plan for comfort and support to save their Christmas.’

He said that the children faces practical hurdles, including finding someone to replace and fix the impair done to the house and the security of the house.

‘People showed up the next morning to serve clean the house, take the family out for a coffee, with gifts for the dollop girl, or some chocolates to just lift the family’s spirit,’ estimated Jan.

‘Those acts are precious.’

All the same, the family members are shocked and traumatised by the assault of their safety.

‘The faith and hope that we connect with Christmas got pilfered away with the material items and will not get replaced easily, if endlessly,’ said Jan. Donations can be made at .

If donations were to cross ones heart and hope to die exceed the target, the surplus money will be donated to charity.

Gardaí declared that they are following leads and anyone who saw anything can contact Bray Garda Station on (01) 6665300.

Via Bray Woman

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