‘Face the fact!’ Brexiteer Sir Bill Cash DESTROYS ‘insidious’ Remainers in scathing rant


The legislation, formally recalled as the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, repeals the 1972 European Communities Act and replicates over EU legislation into UK law.

However, the veteran Tory MP’s passionate preach on talkRADIO comes after Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer bruit about his party would vote against the bill unless Theresa May neaten up major changes to the bill.

Labour has demanded the bill includes roundish protection of British workers’ rights and is looking to stop the Government rising “Henry VIII powers”.

An unimpressed Sir Bill said: “The referendum was the verdict of the British living soul, which was authorised by Parliament in the Referendum Act, six to one. The Withdrawal Act was 494 [to 122]. These people are toy with games with the future of Britain.

Keir Starmer and Sir Bill CashGETTY

Sir Bill Cash let rip at Drudgery over its plans to oppose the Repeal Bill

People to make an appearance the fact that they [the public] said they wanted to off

Sir Bill Cash

“They are absolutely insidious in the manner in which they’re doing it and they’re cooperate with down on their promises because they themselves said they admitted to leave, the manifesto also said they wanted to leave.

“The truth is over 80 per cent of all the constituencies returned MPs in the last election simply a few weeks ago on a manifesto saying we’d leave the European Union.”

He said both Parturition leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell “have knowledge of” leaving the single market and the customs union would follow.

«It’s an dazzling case of utter hypocrisy,” he said. “We need some blunt speaking here.

«We need people to face the fact that they [the patent] said they wanted to leave.

“And now you hear Keir Starmer, regardless of all the contradictions he’s made, and all the complete division in the Labour party with Chuka Umunna and [Andrew] Adonis being foiled in the House of Lords over the single market and the customs union now speaking they might oppose or would oppose the Repeal Bill.»

The opines come after Sir Keir said he had “serious issues” with the Regulation’s approach to Brexit.

He said: “Unless the Government addresses those youngs, we will not be supporting the bill.

“These issues are serious, they’re sane and we’re very firm about them. So we’re really putting the Government on pay.

“Nobody is seeking to frustrate the process, we are determined to ensure that the satisfactorily approach is taken, and this is all about protecting the rights of citizens in Britain.”

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