Eye twitch: What is causing my eyes to dart around? Dr Rosemary answers


The most mutual cause of eye movements is medication and sedativesA:
DOCTORS classify the abnormal eye shifts you describe into two groups.
One is called nystagmus and the other is saccades.
In nystagmus the schoolboy drifts off, then jerks back to the centre of the eye.
It can affect one or both eyes.
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In ocular saccades the movements are secured, preventing you from holding a steady gaze.
It occurs naturally in chapters during sleep and I suspect this is what you have.
The most simple cause is medication, especially sedatives and sedating antidepressants, so it is possible your medication is to objurgation.
I suggest you see your doctor who can check the diagnosis and advise if you need further proofs or to change your medication.
If your vision is unaffected and your antidepressants in another manner suit you there may be no need to stop taking them.
I’ve got a problem with my sound leg.
I’ve had nerve tests and MRI scans on my head, back, spine and leg but nobody be sures what the problem is.
It’s been going on for nearly six years and it’s difficult for me to traipse unaided now.
Do you have any advice?
Fibromyalgia can be triggered by a physical or tense stressful eventA:
It sounds as if you have been thoroughly investigated so it is intently for me to give further advice.
The one thing you have not mentioned is your muscles or your tendons and whether they are working normally.
If your leg is becoming weaker it is important to keep the muscles as cogent as possible.
You say you find walking difficult but a physiotherapist could teach you drive crazies you could do at home.
I suggest you ask your GP if this could be arranged.
I’m assuming your artists have arranged blood tests but it is worth checking that you haven’t got an underlying confusion such as an underactive thyroid, inflammation of your muscles, anaemia or a low vitamin D straightforward.
It may be that you are one of the unlucky people who have a problem that medics fitting can’t explain.
Are there any other Daily Express readers who have had a correspond to problem?

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My 11-year-old granddaughter has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Again she can barely walk, she is in so much pain.
Her GP is reluctant to prescribe anything other than paracetamol as she has not in any degree heard of anyone as young as that having this condition.
My daughter the feelings helpless watching her suffer. Can you offer advice or is there an organisation she could connection for help?
A: People with fibromyalgia have pain and tenderness all done with their body.
Health kick: Eating enough vitamins and nourishing the body exercised can reduce aches and painsOther symptoms can include queer tiredness and disturbed sleep and many say they can’t think clearly or bear in mind things properly.
It can affect anyone, including children, but is seven times innumerable common in women, especially those between aged 30-50.
The ideal isn’t known but experts believe there may be abnormal levels of certain chemicals in the mastermind and changes in the way the central nervous system (including the brain, spinal string and nerves) process pain messages.
In many sufferers the condition appears to be triggered by a actual or emotionally stressful event such as a bereavement, injury or illness.
In some women, giving lineage seems to be a trigger.
There may also be a genetic link with some people inheriting genes that follow them more likely to develop the condition.
It’s usually diagnosed when other imaginable causes of pain, such as arthritis (which can occur in children) or some neurological shake ups, have been ruled out.
Also pain occurs in at least six contrastive areas of the body and symptoms have to be present for at least three months.
There is currently no prescription for fibromyalgia and treatment aims to ease symptoms and improve quality of being.
I would refer a child with this condition to a specialist as it is substantial she continues to perform as well as possible in school and enjoys her childhood. 
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