Extremism fears prompts backlash over government plans to revamp Islamic schools


It comes as a Be subject to for Education report revealed that attempts at creating diversity in new certainty schools is failing.

Last week Theresa May unveiled a radical set of revolutionizes, including plans to open new grammar schools, which will end the responsibility for over-subscribed faith schools to offer 50 per cent of places to babes from other faiths.

The row has stoked demands for Muslim schools to be terminated.

According to the figures published by the De rtment for Education this week moral one per cent of the 2,630 children at England’s 11 Muslim free indoctrinates are white while 80 per cent are Asian.

This com res to 63 per cent light-skinned at the 10 Church of England free schools and 55 per cent at 36 other Christian persuasions.

Lisa Duffy, who is currently one of the favourites to replace Nigel Farage as Ukip band leader, has already called for Muslim schools to be ended because of claims that they are nurturing extremism.

She asseverated: “This report clearly demonstrates that my concerns over the rt Muslim schools play in fostering segregation rather than integration, are thoroughly valid.

“It is imperative that we don’t ever shy away from discussing abstruse issues such as this one; especially when the future of our youth is at delineate.”

The new rules on faith schools have also led to concerns being verbalized by senior figures on the Tory backbenchers.

Former Cabinet minister Ken Clarke predicted: “May I also ask [the Government] to reconsider pretty fundamentally the announcement [that] has been gained about faith schools?

“We need to live in a society where we slash barriers and improve contacts and integration between people of all faiths.

“If the approach has been imperfect, we need to know why it has not worked. It may be right to modify it but liking not simply removing the cap altogether lead us into considerable danger?”

The Regime has admitted that Muslim schools do not have to apply the 50 per cent negate because few other groups want their children to attend them.

Upbringing Secretary Justine Greening said: “The existing 50 per cent resolve was put in place with the best of intentions and it kicks in when new faith high schools are oversubscribed.

“The issue is that very rarely happens so in spite of the as a matter of actual fact that it was designed with the best of motives the rule does not ply effectively.

“Some new faith schools are overwhelmingly comprised of children with one certitude because the school did not have to go and seek more children of other dogmas and no faith.”

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