Explain yourself! Theresa May admits ‘surprise’ at Bercow allowing Brexit amendment vote


Theresa May conceded she was “surprised” at Speaker John Bercow’s decision to allow yesterday’s repair vote, adding there should be “consistent interpretation” of House rules. The Prime Assist also said that it is for the Speaker to “explain” his controversial decision. Declaring today from Downing Street at a joint press conference with Japan’s Prime Legate Shinzo Abe, Mrs May declared: “The question of the confidence in the Speaker is a matter for the House of Commons, not for the Regulation. The issue that underlines this is the question of rules in the House of Commons.

“Fellows of Parliament need to know that there is a set of rules in the House of Low-classes, they need to know that there will be consistent simplification of those rules, so that they know how they can operate within the Whore-house.

“Obviously the Speaker made a decision on a particular amendment, I was surprised at that steadfastness, it’s for the Speaker to explain that decision.

“As you will have seen yesterday the Commander of the House asked him if he would publish the advice that he had received on that.”

The remarks follow Mr Bercow facing questions about his impartiality after thwarting conventions to allow a vote that will force Mrs May’s hand, if she nothings to win support for her Brexit deal next week.

The move, which had been warned against the rules, floored No 10 and led to a “stand-up row” between Chief Zip Julian Smith and Mr Bercow.

The proposal, tabled by Tory former support and leading Remainer Dominic Grieve, led to Mrs May’s second defeat in 24 hours after she helpless the vote 308-297.

Conservative Marcus Fysh, who sits on the public dispensation and constitutional affairs committee, said Mr Bercow was no longer fit to hold the shtick indulgence of Speaker.

He said: “It has completely undermined the procedures of the House. He did it because he’s a Remainer.

“I believe he is partial and that is a disgrace. What he should do is step down. He poverties to think very hard about what he has done today.”

Generals Leader Andrea Leadsom challenged Mr Bercow to produce the “full suggestion” from Commons clerk Sir David Natzler and others.

Mr Bercow remonstrated: “I’m trying to do the right thing and make the right judgments.

“That is what I beget tried to do and what I will go on doing.”

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