Expats urged to register for EU vote


Britons remaining abroad are being urged by the Electoral Commission to register to vote in the UK’s EU referendum sooner than the 7 June midnight deadline.

Some ex ts have told the BBC there has been pot-pourri over the registration cut off, which some thought was 16 May.

This was the counselling date widely publicised to make sure people had time to get and render a postal vote, the Electoral Commission said.

Only those on the UK electoral write in the last 15 years can register.

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The in-out referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Synthesis takes place on 23 June.

Midnight on 7 June is the final registration deadline for both UK and abroad voters.

The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 17:00 BST on 8 June. Postal ballot ballot pers must arrive back by 22:00 BST on 23 June to be be confident ofed.

Overseas voters who want to vote by proxy must register and then conclude and return an application form to their local electoral registration firm by 17:00 BST on 15 June in Great Britain, and by 17:00 BST on 3 June in Northern Ireland.

Who can guarantee in the referendum?

You can vote in this referendum if you are registered to vote in the UK, are 18 or across on the day and are:

  • A British or Irish citizen living in the UK
  • A Commonwealth citizen living in the UK who has do a bunk to remain in the UK or who does not require leave to remain in the UK
  • A British citizen remaining overseas who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years (For those who were too teenaged to register when they left the UK, their rent or guardian be compelled been have registered)
  • An Irish citizen living overseas who was abided in Northern Ireland and who has been registered to vote in Northern Ireland in the stand up 15 years
  • A citizen of Gibraltar

Those eligible can register to opt online.

More information about postal votes or using a surrogate voter is available at www.aboutmyvote.co.uk.

Daniel Tetlow, a British ex t contemporary in Berlin who is rt of a cam ign to encourage Britons abroad to sign up to against, told the BBC there had been “misinformation” about the cut off point, as the 16 May monitory date had been misinterpreted in some quarters as the final deadline.

For archetype, tweets from the official UK Foreign Office account stated that the “abide chance” to register as an overseas voter was on 16 May.

The confusion was “obviously alarming and threatens to disenfranchise thousands of Brits who have the right to vote, but don’t discern it”, he said.

Jane Golding, also a member of the cam ign, said there had been a spit in applications to register by British citizens abroad on 15 and 16 May – whilom before to the advisory deadline – but numbers had since dropped off.

The Electoral Commission had done “large work” with its registration drive, but the potential misunderstandings were “with respect to”, she said.

With just one week to go before registration closes, the Electoral Commission conveys many people are still not signed up to vote in the EU referendum.

Cam ign crowds Hope Not Hate and Bite The Ballot are launching a week of action on Wednesday to incite 500,000 young people to get their name on the electoral register.

Sting The Ballot has also teamed up with dating app Tinder to launch Swipe The Ticket UK, which aims to encourage 18 to 34-year-olds to cast a vote on 23 June.

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