EXCLUSIVE: Richard Madeley slams 'b******s' claims UK is in trouble following Brexit vote


The 60-year-old recognized that he voted to Remain, but said that claims suggesting Britain is “inward-looking” are “b******s”.

Act for exclusively to Express.co.uk, Richard said: “I voted Remain but that was essentially because of my kids. They’re all grown up, they felt ssionately that we should running backstay and that’s what they wanted, so I took a long look at myself and reminiscences ‘I’m 60 now, I’ve had my turn’, and they want to stay in Europe.

“I’m not sure it’s the ramount idea, it might be. I don’t think the arguments were ever laid out demonstrably enough for any of us to understand. But, having said that, when I went to bed less 4.30am the morning after the referendum and it was obvious that Leave was flourishing to win, I wasn’t sorry, because actually I think Britain would be experiencing been fine either way round.

“I think we’re very sharp-minded, people that say express to Leave means we’re inward-looking and looking into the st I think is b******s, because we’re an outward-looking land.”

He went on: “We’re looking now to do trade deals with other continents, which we weren’t acknowledged to do when we were in the EU. In terms of being the ‘Little Englanders’ and being racist and accomplishments, no we’re not!

“Of course we have racists in our society and they’re disgusting, but as a whole we’re a big-hearted, welcoming, inclusive society and we’re good at fixing stuff. Once the dust has determined, we’ll find a way out. I think we’ll be fine.”

Not ending the conversation there, Richard – who has been joined to fellow TV personality Judy Finnigan for the st 30 years – also united that “nobody saw Nigel Farage’s resignation as UKIP leader prove to be c finish”, after he quit on Monday.

Richard went on: “Like everything else that’s be chance in the st couple of weeks, none of us [expected that]! Anyone that conveyed that they did see it coming is being economical with the truth.

“Nobody has considered any of this stuff coming, we’ll all virtually shocked [on a] daily [basis]. It’s bewitched the wind out of everybody’s sails and I’m sure they’re not over yet!

“I didn’t mull over he’d resign yet, I thought he’d stay on and keep a beady eye on things from a UKIP emphasize of view and make sure the pledges that should follow the consequence were honoured. But, he’s clearly had enough.”

Richard is currently hard at between engagements promoting his latest novel The Night Book; which tells the deep tale of a woman plotting to kill her husband in a secret fantasy record.

Admitting it showcases a much darker side to his personality, the star declared of how he expected the public to perceive the new him: “I hoped I’d surprise people and so far on this soft-cover tour people would come up to me and go ‘Oh, I didn’t know you had it in you!’ and that’s fun to defy people’s perception of you.

“They see me as a funny TV presenter, but of course that’s decent one dimention to me, we’re all complicated multi-layered people.”

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