EXCLUSIVE: 'Never say never' Karen Danczuk gets bombarded with TOPLESS photo shoot offers


The 32-year-old – who is be informed as the ‘Selfie Queen’ – admitted that she’s been offered numerous appeal modelling shoots in her time, but she’s never taken anyone up on the offer… yet, anyway.

Warning exclusively to Express.co.uk, Karen said: “I’ll always say ‘never say not in any degree’, but for a long time I’ve been offered to do topless modelling, charm, really sexy underwear shoots and as of yet I’ve politely declined.” 

“I don’t think it’s something that I’ll perforce be rushing to do,” she added.

Despite the brunette beauty oozing sex invite in her selfies, she insists that she doesn’t see herself as “sexy”, but is completely happy with the way that she looks.

“Even now I don’t look in the mirror and fantasize ‘Oh my god Karen you’re really sexy!’ I look in the mirror and wonder what people see. I contain confidence, I don’t lack confidence but I’ve just accepted myself, my flaws and my nodules and bumps,” Karen continued.

“I wish more young posslq person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters would just embrace no make-up. I know sometimes I show a bit of boob, but why aren’t we praising the act that I’m wearing no make-up?”

However, just because she does procure curves, she doesn’t see why that automatically puts her in the glamour modelling sector.

The politician – who recently confirmed that she’s in a fairly new relationship with Dan Hatfield after her split from ex quiet MP Simon – insisted: “Just because I’ve got big boobs, it does not show that I want to be a glamour model!

“I don’t think that’s a healthy theory that people should have, if you do have big boobs then there’s at best one line of work you can go down and that’s sexy photo shoots and magic modelling.

“I have big boobs, but I still have a political career, so I come up with they need to change that perception. They shouldn’t surmise pretty girls should just be on calendars in the work shops and garages.”

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