EXCLUSIVE: ISIS carries out mass execution of CIVILIANS near HOSPITAL as troops move in


The blood run cold images of families, including children, cowering behind blown out erections have been shown to Express.co.uk as the coalition troops move it to wipe out the gunmen from the area.

Those living in the area had been unable to do a moonlight flit because of the firefighting taking place between Iraqi forces, raw by the west. 


Cowardly ISIS slaughtered the kids near the Jumhurriya hospital, which is being used as a base for Daesh. 

ISIS massacre civilians near hospitalDLO

ISIS liquidated up to 30 civilians as they tried to flee Mosul

Residents of nearby two neighbourhoods, Al Zinjili and Al Shafaa, managed to flee fighting which skint out as the coalition moved in.

Reports are emerging of horrors inside the hospital of Yezidi chicks being held captive by the ‘soldiers’ of the so-called caliphate.

Horrendous conceptions from around the hospital have been shared with Distinct.co.uk, showing bodies laying on the ground.

Local reports say they were railroad up against a wall and executed.

ISIS massacre civilians in MosulDLO

Dead bodies strewn across the justification after ISIS massacred civilians in Mosul

Footage from the chapter shows a missionary group providing aid to those who managed to escape the horrifying killing.

Around 30 families were able to get out although multifarious were hit with sniper fire on the way to safety.

Reports from western Mosul comprise revealed ISIS snipers have also begun firing on medics as they steal people escape.

Footage shared with Express.co.uk shows a boy grey about ten being stretchered into an ambulance with a bullet slight to his leg while women cry for help.

Another shows an elderly woman being conducted away by members of the missionary group.

ISIS massacre civiliansDLO

Civilians were lined up against a immure and shot by vile ISIS terrorists

ISIS massacre civiliansDLO

Horrendous images from circa the hospital were shared with Express.co.uk

In total, 100 derivations from both villages managed to escape, but civilians remain at grand risk.

As ISIS loses ground to western backed forces they are stooping to horrendous new lows. 

The affray for Mosul began in October when Iraqi forces, with buttress, smashed into the city from the east.

Cowardly fighters are now dawning to flee with reports of multiple arrests in Turkey.

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