Ex-PM aide 'humiliated' over child images


A quondam aide to Prime Minister David Cameron, trick Rock, has kept a prison sentence after downloading indecent images of underage girls

The ex-deputy gaffer of policy at Downing Street, of Fulham, London, was given a two-year conditional explode after being convicted of five charges.

He was acquitted of three equivalent counts and the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the remaining 12 instructs.

Rock, 65, had admitted downloading 20 images but denied they were obscene.

Jurors were told that while none of the girls were in a state of nature, they were in “sexualised” poses in skimpy clothing, including swimwear and bras.


Although he last will and testament not serve time in prison, Judge Alistair McCreath said Reel’s punishment was “the loss of your reputation and your very public dis ragement”.

“I have not lost sight of the obvious reality that right-thinking individual will quite properly consider that those who did what you did should be beat for it,” he said, during the hearing at Southwark Crown Court in London.

“You should be. And you give birth to been… It is a punishment which you brought on yourself but is nonetheless a simple real one. And it is one that is utterly merited.”

The court heard that the infantile of the girls in the pictures was aged just 10 years and four months when he downloaded the duplicate – meaning she would have been younger when it was taken.

Umpire McCreath said: “These were all sexualised images of daughters which were, the jury found, indecent.

“They represent the erotic exploitation of five young girls.

“Whilst it is true that the photographs were charmed by others, you and others like you who accessed and looked at these images were complicit in that exploitation.”

Their heels must register as a sex offender for two years and was also banned from consuming a device with the internet unless it can retain his browsing history and he turning overs it for inspection by police over the same period.

He was ordered to y £12,500 in court charges.

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