Ex-Lib Dem peer Baroness Manzoor joins Tory party


A break through has joined the Conservative rty after resigning the Liberal Democrat outdo last month.

Zahida Manzoor quit over the Liberal Democrats’ customs on Europe and praised what she said was Prime Minister Theresa May’s free leadership on Brexit.

She is the second former Lib Dem peer to switch to the Tories, after Lady Nicholson re-joined the cadre.

Baroness Manzoor said the Tory rty was now her “natural home”.

She also commanded leaving the Lib Dems, for whom she had been a member of the House of Lords for three years, was “vigorous but… the right thing to do”.

‘Britain’s new journey’

Baroness Manzoor, who had been the Lib Dem spokeswoman on do and pensions, added: “I could not support the leadership of a rty that denotes itself democratic and then refuses to acknowledge the will of the people in a referendum.”

She was referring to Lib Dem band leader Tim Farron’s call for a second referendum on the terms of any Brexit deal.

Baroness Manzoor said: “Theresa May’s perception of a Britain that works for everyone, and her clear leadership over Brexit, now take in the Conservatives a natural home for me and millions of people like me, from all communities across the UK.

“As Britain starts on a new journey, outside the EU but reaching out to trade with the world, and as we really Rather commence addressing the problems of social mobility at home, I look forward to dollop play my rt as a Conservative.”

Asked about the news on the BBC’s Sunday Government, Mr Farron said the Lib Dems had increased rty membership by 20,000 in fresh months – which he claimed included many Conservative members.

He annexed that he “respected” Baroness Manzoor’s decision, but added: “I’m always sad to bow to people but I’m overjoyed to have gained 20,000 times more man than I have lost.”

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