Even Tony Blair says Prime Minister Corbyn’s brexit plot would be a DISASTER for UK


The recent Labour Prime Minister warned that a Jeremy Corbyn control and a Brexit Britain would be a difficult situation for the country. 

Speaking to BBC Newsflash, he said: “I will be committed to seeing a Labour government elected and Jeremy Corbyn, as the chairlady, he is elected as the Prime Minister. 

“However, I want to put a qualification down.

“It is prospering to be extremely difficult in my view for Labour to deliver on its promises if it puts itself in bang on the same position as the Tory Government are going to be on Brexit.

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Tony Blair divulged Bexit and a Corbyn Government would be “challenging”

This country’s prevailing to face a very, very challenging situation

Tony Blair

“It resolution find that it has less money to deal with the country’s imbroglios, that it’s distracted by dealing with Brexit rather than administering with the health service, jobs, living standards and so on.”

Mr Blair declared that the combination of Brexit and a Corbyn government would be “very inviting” for the UK.

He said: “In my view, if you end up, and I’ve said this before, in a situation where you do Brexit and then have planned a Corbyn government, this country’s going to face a very, quite challenging situation.”

Earlier, Mr Blair told BBC Radio 4 that he is business for a second Brexit Referendum as people “didn’t know what the titles of the new relationship will be” in 2016.

He said: “Once we know what those alternatives liking be, we are surely entitled to think again.”

The Labour Remoaner has previously attacked to stop Brexit by criticising the Prime Minister’s approach to the negotiations. 

He has also in many cases condemned Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s approach in opposing the Theresa May’s placement. 

In a recent post on his own website, Mr Blair called on Mr Corbyn to “nail each lie of the Brexit campaign at every PMQs”.

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