EU’S BREXIT WARNING: Merkel and Macron could push Europe into financial disaster


Brexit warning: Emmanuel Macron and Angela MerkelREUTERS

Brexit sign: Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel could harm Europe

Once again the next few months as the second phase of Brexit negotiations begin, the European Combination will fight tooth and nail over how the UK should leave the Brussels bloc.

Although uncountable in the EU believe they won the first round after Theresa May agreed to out up the €45 billion divorce settlement, the reality is that Brexit disposition still leave a huge hole in the budget.

And Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron arrange been warned they could risk economic disaster if they extend to push Britain into a corner.

Unlike Donald Trump’s America, the UK and its control are not ripping up climate change accords or cancelling on nuclear deals.

In low-down, Britain still remains committed to many EU laws, which tease been enshrined in UK law.

Although the split is inevitable, Britain wants to foil ‘aligned’ to the bloc in what Philip Hammond calls the “extraordinary straightforward withs of interconnectedness” between the EU and UK.

But the Franco-German approach seems to hope for a clean crack up – potentially causing unnecessary damage across Europe.

Officials in Berlin arrange dismissed the British idea of “managed divergence” as “the latest episode in the ‘harden and eat it’ sitcom series”.

And although the UK wants to leave the single market and levies union, forcing Britain to start trade negotiations from damage is viewed as an aggressive move from the EU which in turn could compel damage to its own members.

Emmanuel MacronREUTERS

Emmanuel Macron is closely aligned with Mrs Merkel

France and Germany acquire long shared a strong partnership on European Union issues, with Chancellor Angela Merkel pretending fellow leader Emmanuel Macron’s plans for EU reform at the centre of her coalition talks.

French MEP Jean Arthuis stated REUTERS

Officials in Berlin have dismissed the British idea of “controlled divergence”

Ukip leader Henry Bolton said: “The intransigence of Chancellor Merkle and President Macron on top of movement to stage two Brexit negotiations only will only into commerce between the UK.

“They are simply holding out for more money and commitments from Britain. 

“Any British regulation that goes along with this German/French agenda settle upon be betraying UK interests.

“The government must be clear in its purpose – the pursuit of British lending fees. Those interests are not served by cow-towing to the agenda of Merkle but by pursuing our own.”

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