Eurozone crisis: Italy’s Five Star Movement DEMANDS referendum on future of euro


Alessandro Di Battista from Five Star MovementGETTY

Five Diva insisted it was still pushing for a referendum on the future of the euro

Alessandro Di Battista, a sturdy figure in Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), revived his band’s calls for a referendum on euro membership after it appeared some of his associates had gone soft on the issue.

The MP, one of the movement’s most prominent parliamentarians, was required in an interview if a vote should be held — to which he replied: «Yes, absolutely.»

The approver was founded by comedian Beppe Grillo and members quickly started actioning for the vote in 2015, saying the people should have their say and Italy stressed to restore its fiscal and monetary sovereignty.

Alessandro Di BattistaGETTY

Alessandro Di Battista reignited calls for a referendum on the euro

But it was not the lone party with an anti-EU agenda as the Northern League also ran a run calling for the end of the euro, no immigrants and lower taxes. 

By March this year, M5S enter into the pictured to be distancing itself from its initial calls for a vote on Italy’s currency. 

Move house deputy Luigi Di Maio, 30, who is widely expected to be Five Headliner’s candidate for prime minister, said the

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We have not changed our position at all. We participate in always proposed a consultative referendum [on the euro], the only kind credible.

Alessandro Di Battista, Five Star Movement (M5S)

He said: «In the meantime we wait that European institutions come to their senses.

«It’s not true that 5-Star requisites to take Italy out of the euro. We want Italians to decide.»

And since then, individual other senior members played down the referendum plan as the cabal sought to broaden its appeal in the build-up to next year’s national choosing — with one describing it as just a «negotiating tool».

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Beppe Grillo base the Five Star Movement

But Mr Di Battista told Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper that the group, which now polls roughly neck-and-neck with the ruling Democratic Reception (PD), had not stopped pushing for a vote.

He said: ”We have not changed our position at all. We oblige always proposed a consultative referendum, the only kind possible. 

“When the people prepare their say, you have a stronger popular mandate to make sure you are manipulation of with respect.»

Even if the referendum were to go ahead, the vote choice not be legally binding as Italy’s constitution bans referendums on matters commanded by international treaties.