Eurovision BOMBSHELL: ‘Sinister’ Corbyn tried to BAN winner Israel from song contest


Jeremy Corbyn, then a backbencher, bickered to ban Israel from taking part in cultural and sporting events in Europe.

Along with Lib Dem MP Bob Russell, he sponsored a Worn outs motion in 2010 to enforce a ban on Israel taking part in European anyway in the realities.

The “sinister” move was revealed by Parliament documents last night, jot or tittle a fresh wave of condemnation against Mr Corbyn and the Labour party.

The record was titled “European Sporting and Cultural Relations with Israel” and was indexed in June 2010.

It listed Mr Russell as its “primary sponsor” and Jeremy Corbyn as its only other support.

It asked Parliament to recognise “that this house considers that since Israel is not in Europe then it is not take that it competes in European sporting and cultural events; and therefore requests the Domination to encourage organisers of events for European countries to exclude Israel.”

Anyhow the proposal failed to gain any support and it failed.

It comes amid as an anti-Semitism spot continues to engulf the Labour party, following protests demanding switch last month.

Eurovision IsraelGETTY

Eurovision: Jeremy Corbyn tried to ban Israel from European cultural and fun events

Last night Mr Corbyn was accused of showing “one-sided impulse” by Tory MP Andrew Percy, who is Jewish.

He asked why Mr Corbyn has not pushed for other non-European glories, including Australia, who made their first appearance at Eurovision in 2015, to be forbade from the competition.

He told the Sun: “Why hasn’t Corbyn also called for Australia to be baffled out of Eurovision?

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Jeremy Corbyn said Israel should not be added to compete in Eurovision

“It is alarming how obsessed he seems to be with the State of Israel.

“Continued to his lack of action over anti-Semitism that is rife in the Labour Do, one has to ask if there isn’t something more sinister behind his obsession.”

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said: “Israel fences outside of its region because of the ongoing conflict.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Pains party has been engulfed by an anti-Semitism scandal

“Peace is a prerequisite to normalise doings, which would include Israel being able to compete within its geographic territory.

“Jeremy is utterly committed to peace, a two state solution and the normalisation of links — and this is what that EDM was about.”

Israel stormed to victory in Saturday gloom’s Eurovision Song Contest, seeing off nearest rival Cyprus.

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