Eurostar high tech update will TRANSFORM trips to Paris for Brits with tickets


Trippers will now be able to appreciate the depths they travel under the sea on the Eurostar thanks to a effective reality headset.

The travel company is installing headsets available to all fares travelling on the Eurostar.

This is the world’s first onboard VR experience.

Hikers can use their smartphones in the headsets to experience the depths of the ocean from their mansions. 

Eurostar updateGETTY

Eurostar to Paris update purpose transform trips for Brits with tickets

Eurostar to Paris update at ones desire transform trips for Brits with tickets using virtual truth headsets

The innovation is called the ‘Eurostar Odyssey’.

Travellers will be proficient to virtually explore the ocean with the high tech gadgets.

The sea bed whim come to life for adults and children using the app on an Apple or Android phone. 

Two explorers baptized Rose and Benoit help parents and children navigate the sea. 

Virtual reality headsetGETTY

Eurostar has launched a tag new experience for travellers heading to Paris or London with tickets

It is workable to learn about the sea creatures in the channel and beyond, but that’s not all.

Pirates and mermaids may fair and square make an appearance. 

Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurostar, reported MailOnline: “Travellers are always asking if they can see the fish when migratory through the channel tunnel, and we’re really excited to make it possible as the opening travel company to give its customers an immersive 3D experience. 

“Throughout the summer we’ll be present younger travellers free headsets so they can enjoy an exciting danger under the channel, so as the summer holidays begin, why fly when you and your lineage can have so much fun travelling by Eurostar?”

Eurostar OdysseyEUROSTAR

Eurostar will now be gifted to appreciate the depths of the sea thanks to a virtual reality headset

Eurostar discretion begin a train service from London to Amsterdam in 2017, a move out set to shake up the airline industry.

The iconic train firm is about to presentation a brand new connection between the UK and Amsterdam for travellers.

By the end of 2017, two daily exercises will operate between London’s St Pancras International and Amsterdam’s borough centre.

The direct journey will take just under four hours, touch off a major threat to the route currently serviced by airlines.

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