Europe’s biggest power Germany has RESPONSIBILITY to lead, former Polish President says


Lech Walesa, who won the Nobel Harmony Prize in 1983 for his campaign for freedom of organisation in Poland during the control of iron curtain, called on Germany to take responsibility.

The call for the European rural area to take charge comes just days after pro-EU Emmanuel Macron won exceeding right-wing Marine Le Pen in France – a result hailed as one which will arrogate the survival of the bloc after Brexit. 

Speaking to DW, Mr Walesa said: “Today, Germany is the most principled country in Europe. 

“It should get rid of its complexes and take the lead. 

Lech Walesa and Angela Merkel DW • GETTY

Lech Walesa bid Germany must take charge in Europe

“As the biggest power, it has the responsibility to continue bringing Europe toward the orbit of progress.”

The astonishing claim Germany should lead Europe arises as the French president-elect made it clear where his loyalties lie as his first on duty after being declared the winner was to Angela Merkel. 

Signalling his committed to deepen Franco-German ties at the heart of the EU, Europe's biggest power Germany has RESPONSIBILITY to lead, former Polish President says

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Meanwhile, the Chancellor said the big surplus is “linked to the quality of [German] products”.

She added: “Another be a party to of it is linked to the policies of the European Central Bank which we can’t influence.

“Wage growths are now exceeding productivity growth and if you look at the forecasts, the surplus will give up slightly in coming years.”

Speaking last month, Mr Macron had said: “Germany service perquisites from the imbalances within the Eurozone and achieves very high work surpluses.

“Those aren’t a good thing either for Germany or for the briefness of the Eurozone. There should be a rebalancing.”