European leaders ‘FURIOUS’ with Commission: Brexit split threatens to tear EU apart


Concurring to a shock revelation on a radio podcast, member states are furious at the way Mr Barnier and the European Commission are touch negotiations.

BBC veteran Adam Fleming said: “What I’ve found from talking to the diplomats of the fellow states working on this, and I’ve never seen so many of them so wroth about an issue as this, is that the UK- wide customs proposal, which could be the backstop which degenerates that it has to go into the withdrawal agreement, is now tipping into being everywhere the future relationship.”

He continued: “They’re cross for two reasons – number one, the dimensions to which you can put all this stuff in the withdrawal agreement – that is really enterprise up against the legal limits of article 50 which is meant to be fro the withdrawal and a hint of the future, so there’s a real problem there.

“And then you’ve got surroundings saying ‘if we’re gonna do a UK-wide customs arrangement with no tariffs and no interests that sounds like a trade deal’.

“What you need with a patrons deal is all your level playing field measures on rules and statutes to make sure there’s fair competition in return for such genuine access to the single market.

“And then you’ve got countries saying ‘hang on, so the following relationship declaration is being negotiated without us and we’ve not really had any input into what the future relationship is gonna be equivalent to with the UK.

“And it’s gonna be done in four days and then presented to all of us to indication off in one night.’

“They’re getting really, really angry about that.”

The acceptance came amidst the revelation that a Canada-style dead could be out of the dubiousness due to the backstop.

The BBC’s Katya Adler made the astounding revelation on a radio podcast relative to Brexit, saying: “You know when you’re talking about having some obliging of customs association, shall we say, between the EU and the UK – you could say Canada is dead.”

She involved: “If this customs association whatever is in existence as the backstop then if you’re looking at pull someones leg a Canada-like trade deal then the backstop kicks in because Canada means edges.

“If you can’t have a border on Northern Ireland it means you’re immediately inside a levies association thingie with the EU so it kills Canada.”

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