Eurocrat claims Britain will be on SAME LEVEL as Uganda without Brexit trade deal with EU


Gunther Oettinger GETTY

Gunther Oettinger has declared the UK will be on same level as Uganda

European budget commissioner Gunther Oettinger also set into Theresa May’s claims “no deal is better than a bad deal” averring it was simply General Election campaign talk.

During his draft 2018 budget proposition presentation, he said: “If a deal doesn’t happen by March 2019 then we’ll bear in mind our relationship with the United Kingdom the same as our relationship with Uganda.”

Tough-talking Prime Cleric Theresa May, who is seeking re-election on June 8, has repeatedly pledged to liberate Britain out of the EU without a deal.

Theresa May GETTY

Theresa May has said no deal is better than a bad behave

If a deal doesn’t happen by March 2019 then we’ll consider our relationship with the Collective Kingdom the same as our relationship with Uganda

European budget commissioner Gunther Oettinger

But Mr Oettinger, who is in enjoin of drawing up a seven-year budget plan for the Brussels club, said he look for the next Government to seek a deal. 

He said: “This is something cipher would want. 

“This is why I expect that after the elections on June 8, the new British regulation will recognise the added value and advantage of settling our future associations.”

Mr Oettinger’s remarks come after he urged the Commission to delay broaching a multi-year framework because Brexit had created too much uncertainty. 

Brexit flag GETTY

The UK voted to remain the EU on June 23

The new German head of the EU budget called for plans beyond 2020 to be listed for now until they know how much the UK will stump up to leave the bloc.

Mr Oettinger also presented an EU budget for 2018 of £140.2billion, which is a surge of more than £1.7billion from this year, and discretion also be the last full year the UK is a member. 

The British Government has verbalized the nation will not buckle to demands from the bloc to cough up a fiscal penalty to leave the bloc, with Brexit secretary David Davis forewarning he might walk out of talks over the divorce bill. 

Jean Claude Juncker GETTY

Juncker has not in the least put an exact figure on a Brexit bill

Various sums have been bandied here, ranging from £43billion (€50bn) to £86.9billion (€100bn). 

While European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has not in any degree put an exact amount on the figure – he had only previously said it was a “hefty” sum – it was everywhere seen to be in the region of £51billion (€60bn).

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