EU WILL CRUMBLE 27 ways as UK plays straight bat while EU attempts to bamboozle and bully


Consider Scotland said the European Union was becoming increasingly confused and separate in the face of UK negotiators – whose energy was described as a “welcome surprise”. 

Adviser Miles Saltiel, writing for the think tank, said the UK faced a far easier strain scold gaining support for its policies than the EU, who would eventually crumble comprised in infighting. 

He said Prime Minister Theresa May needed only to “align England with the devolved departments [and] get consumers and competitors of imported labour to reconcile” whereas the EU faced a far trickier reprimand.

He wrote: “How much tougher for the EU, corralling a hydra-headed superstructure and two dozen increased by nations?

Brexit talksGETTY

EU negotiators are divided and confused, a think tanks has pronounced

Think of Brussels’ position-papers as even so the steering-wheel thrown out of the car by fifties dragsters playing ‘chicken’

Think Scotland muse on tank

“Both sides have toyed with splitting the other. At adroit in, we remain mesmerised by Leavers vs Remainers, but the EU27 has its own fissures – budget contributors vs consumers, exporters of best vs exporters of labour.”

He likened the EU’s red-line GETTY

David Davis is writhing to keep a divided EU on side, the think tank said

He concluded by advising UK intercessors to stay patient and not be intimidated by the EU’s red-line isues, claiming the union choice become divided long before these become ultimatums. 

He bring up: “After some initial surprise, the UK has found its game face, attractive advantage of the EU’s missteps and laying the ground to score off its weaknesses. 


Brexit talks are at an impasse over the issue of the EU’s divorce bill

“I last wishes a make less of the formal bear-traps in wait for the EU by reason of its inevitable severances of confidentiality, and more of its history of failure with tough counterparties and its constitutional problem keeping together once the going gets heavy. 

“Every agent knows that the real challenge is keeping the boss onside and tattle on the deal back home.”

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