EU SUPERSTATE NEAR: Schulz vows to create Brussels finance minister in MASSIVE power grab


Martin Schulz has vowed there will be a European finance minister under his coalition with MerkelGetty

Martin Schulz has declared there will be a European finance minister under his coalition with Merkel

In an sign coalition agreement with Angela Merkel’s CDU, Mr Schulz’s SPD has backed an “investment budget” for the euro, as cordially as turning the ESM bailout mechanism into a European Monetary Fund directed parliamentary control.

Speaking to broadcaster ZDF, Mr Schulz declared: “The paper is a turnaround for European manipulation. There will be a European finance minister.”

Leading CDU figures encompassing Angela Merkel had initially expressed doubts about whether such a account would have too much power, but she appears to have backed down in a weighty concession to europhile Mr Schulz.

The announcement is a huge success for French president Emmanuel Macron, who aimed the sweeping EU reforms, including the creation of a Euro finance minister.

And the agreement between Germany’s two chunkiest parties sees them commit to developing “common positions with France on all mighty questions of European and international politics”.

Mr Macron has Getty

Coalition covenant: CSU leader Horst Seehofer, Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz signal their progr

EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker is

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