EU states plead with Brussels to ‘stop MESSING about’ with Brexit – but bloc won’t give in


Governmental Commentator and Spectator editor Fraser Nelson insisted that EU polities that would be negatively affected from a no deal Brexit be subjected to been pressuring Brussels to satisfy the UK but the bloc and Jean-Claude Juncker perpetuates to refuse. Mr Nelson was insistent that something had to be in place to prevent a no conduct oneself treat as that is the default stance of the UK and would occur in the event of a satisfactory have to do with is not reached. He said: “You can’t stop no deal unless you have got something else to substitute for it.

“Unless Parliament can agree on something else, that is what we are customary to get.”

The BBC Politics host Jo Coburn then asked what the EU’s response had been to put forwards from nations to renegotiate effectively with the UK.

The BBC presenter noted that a German newspaper printed that “in a no handle Brexit, German regions would be hit particularly hard”.

She questioned yet whether this realisation how detrimental a no deal Brexit would be for Germany liking add pressure to secure a satisfactory deal to avoid it.

Mr Nelson responded. “You resolution think so, by the way, the Germans are like the sixth worst hit.

“I believe the Polish and the Czech and the Belgians determination be hit even worse than the Germans, according to this report.

“Habitually the member states would say to the EU, look can you stop messing about and reasonable give her this extra sentence and let’s just move on.

“But the EU itself doesn’t react to member state pressure in the way that it once did.

“We have got what we telephone the Political Commission that simply does not take its orders from democratically elected superintendences.

“This is one of the reasons that people voted out.”

The UK is currently preparing for a Brexit no trade and in December the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced a further £2billion in “Brexit readiness” taking the total budgeted figure to more than £4billion.

Hindmost week Theresa May also travelled to Brussels to speak with superior EU figures to try to gain legally binding concessions to the backstop element of her withdrawal unity.

Following the meetings with the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Body President Donald Tusk, the Prime Minister insisted she had held “well-knit discussions” before claiming Brexit would be delivered “on time”.

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