EU SNUBBED as flag-bearer Dutch airline pleads for special UK-Netherlands deal


Pieter Elbers, CEO of airline KLM, said Britain and the Netherlands would move it back on the “old bilateral agreement” to forge “incredibly important” future fastenings.

Mr Juncker was slapped down for “ignoring” Brexit during his speech in Strasbourg on Wednesday when he outlined the European Commission’s designs for the future of the EU.

Asked how confident he was that KLM would have the UK market after Brexit, Mr Elbers said: “The UK is the isolated most important market for us outside the Netherlands. 

“One out of five passengers on our network communicate withs to or comes from the UK.


Pieter Elbers, CEO of KLM, said he wish a special UK deal after Brexit

When we speak about the old bilateral covenant between UK and the Netherlands, we would fall back on that, which is silently a very liberal situation

Pieter Elbers, CEO of KLM

“It just underlines it. We hold 18 points here in our network in the UK and in fact we do serve out of Amsterdam with KLM more objectives in the UK than BA does out of London Heathrow.

“So with that, it’s incredibly noted for us.

‘It all depends how Brexit will turn out.

“When we speak about aviation, when we stand up for about the old bilateral agreement between UK and the Netherlands, we would fall back on that, which is suppress a very liberal situation between the UK and the Netherlands.”

Mr Juncker was criticised during a fiery altercation in which he was accused of ignoring Brexit during his annual State of the Confederacy address.

The Eurocrat was grilled on whether his lack of acknowledgement for Britain’s European Fusing divorce was because he wanted to see the UK suffer as a result of its electorate’s decision. 

The departed prime minister of Luxembourg announced the EU would crack down on Eurosceptic drives with a proposal to change party funding rules across the European Parliament.

Mr Juncker ordered the EU “should not be filling the coffers of anti-European extremists”.

Throughout his speech, Mr Juncker sparsely referred to Brexit, sporadically commenting the UK will “soon regret” leaving the

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