EU REFERENDUM LIVE: Police rush to polling station after teen stabbed



Controversy and bad weather has disrupted today’s referendum on whether Britain should demise the EU

  • Experts predict the largest turnout of UK voters in decades

  • Polling position closed due to teen stabbing in West Yorkshire

  • Voters in London and south east England courageous floods and torrential downpours to cast their ballots

  • Chaos at the registers as dozens of voters turned away, polling stations closed and others send-off late

  • Result expected ‘around breakfast time’ on Friday morning

  • Scram cam igners handing out pens to voters over fears pencil tickets will be erased have been stopped by police

  • European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker defends to Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande as voters head to the polls


Continuing downpours across southern and eastern duties of England have led to the closure of a polling station in Cringleford, Norfolk, correspondence to reports.

Laura Hagen posted pictures on Twitter of locals run oning ankle-deep in water out of The Willow Centre.

She wrote: “Cringleford polling post closed due to flooding. Relocating to venue opposite Jewsons on Newmarket Rd.”

Another provincial resident, Liz Cox, posted a video of cars driving through fast-running be unbelievable in the village.

The Met Office have issued six flood warnings and 11 surge alerts across eastern England tonight as thunderstorms continue to abuse the region.


The 18-year-old man was harum-scarum to hospital with serious injuries, while police temporarily bar down polling station the Waverley Road in Huddersfield.

Police delayed a 19-year-old man and said they believed the attack was not related to the referendum.

The figuring station was closed for around half an hour but has now been re-opened.

A woman leaves a polling station in LondonE

A bird leaves a polling station in London


BorisJohnson with his wife in Edinburgh Airport after take care ofing their daughter’s graduation


Police were also occasioned to another polling booth earlier today after a Leave cam igner assault to hand out pens, following fears pencil votes would be effaced.

The Leave cam igner claimed someone from the Remain side had styled police when he began handing out pens to all voters.

The hastag #UsePens is now trending on Stew over fears pencil votes for Leave may be scrubbed out.

However, a peculiar council has also warned voters not to use pen, over concerns the ink could smudge.

Midway utterly polling day, East Northamptonshire Council tweeted: “Please use a pencil on your ballot thesis as ink can smudge when its folded which could make the per indefinite & it may not be counted.”

The confusion caused Manchester City Council and Hillingdon Meeting, west London, to tweet that pens could be used, while Sandwell Meeting, near Birmingham, told voters they could bring a pen but longed them not to ask staff for one.

East Northamptonshire Council later clarified its approve post, telling people to “feel free to use a pen but make sure it doesn’t smudge when gather so it is clear how you have voted”.

Sussex Police spokesman said: “Regulate were called to Durnford Close, Chichester, at around 12.25pm on Thursday June 23 by a volunteer detailing a disturbance outside a polling station.

“A PCSO who was in the area went to the area and spoke with a woman who was handing out pens.”

No offences were committed and it was not being handled as a police matter, the spokesman added.

 Voters queue to enter a polling station at Trinity Church in Golders GreenGETTY

Voters queue to start a polling station at Trinity Church in Golders Green

Phil Heard and his wife Mandy arrived on horseback to cast their vote at Meldon Village Hall in DevonSWNS

Phil Ascertained and wife Mandy arrived on horseback to cast their vote at Meldon Village Entry, Devon


Millions of Britons are heading to the polls today as the land decides whether to stay in or leave the European Union.

Experts bring into the world predicted the decision could see the largest turnout of UK voters in decades, with 46million people available to cast their ballot.

Polls opened across the country at 7am and will-power remain open until 10pm as the nation answers the most important beyond consideration for a generation.

Experienced poll station clerks are recording record outfits in rts of the UK, including Scotland and Bristol, whose results will be figure oned last.

An estimated 46,499,537 people are entitled to take rt in today’s express – a record number for a UK election and there have been reports of strings outside polling stations across the country. It is only the third nationwide referendum in British summary.

But dozens of voters were turned away following a registration howler in Leighton Buzzard.

People make their way along a flooded th as they arrive to vote at the polling station in East Hanningfield, Essex

People arrive to vote at the polling station in East Hanningfield, Essex

MANCHESTER Stays TO ANNOUNCE NATIONAL RESULT reporter Alix Culbertson is in Manchester, where the end result of the referendum will be announced tomorrow morning.

She said: “The sun in buff in Manchester but the mood is l ble at the 139-year-old town hall where the authorized count is taking place.

“A majestic, Victorian Neo-gothic building, it is the accurate setting for the most important decision in most British people’s lifetimes.

“Stringers and broadcasters are gathering in the main hall with a dramatic organ as the backdrop as they rest period for the results to come after polling closes at 10pm today.

“The first terminates are expected to come in from Derry/Londonderry at 12.30am and the last from Cheshire at 7am.”

Voters wade through floodwater to cast their vote at Grange Primary School in Newham, east London

Voters talk through floodwater to cast their vote at Grange Primary Educational institution in Newham, east London


As London and the south east was disfigured by heavy rainfall a number of polling stations were closed.

Five receiving stations opened late in east London as staff were unfit get to get there on time as the capital’s transport network struggled to cope with the inundation.

The Electoral Commission said voters delayed by the weather would even then be able to vote as long as they were in line by 10pm.

Some voters bear been prevented from voting due to the weather.

Jodie Rose, from east London, revealed her garden was flooded with sewage water and that flooding in her entre following the heavy rain would deter voters.

People queue outside a polling station on Abbeville Road in Clapham South, London / TWITTER KELLY MOLLOY

Human being queue outside a polling station on Abbeville Road in Clapham South, London

Chelsea pensioners leave a polling station near to the Royal Chelsea Hospital, LondonGETTY

Chelsea veterans leave a polling station near to the Royal Chelsea Hospital, London

She hinted: “My nan is 89 years of age and she’s already said that she won’t be going out to vote.”

She voted the water was knee-deep around her grandmother’s house and that the 89-year-old would not acquire the “risk” of heading out to a polling station.

The wet weather is set to continue throughout the afternoon and evening, with sundry flooding expected in rts of the country.

Four flood warnings are in bracket in south-east England, with 31 flood alerts also broadcasted by the Met Office.

Thunderstorms will also take place during the down re ying rush hour, following an electric night yesterday.

Nigel Farage casts his vote at a polling station in Biggin Hill, Kent

Nigel Farage sheds his vote at a polling station in Biggin Hill, Kent


The Choose Leave cam ign has warned of an ‘scam’ photo being shared on popular media, which attempts to trick voters wishing to vote for Britain to will the EU into missing the deadline.

The fraudulous message reads: “Due to the unusually weighty number of people expected to vote in the Referendum, voting will now away with place over two days,” the fake message read.

“The Remain voters make be able to vote on Thursday 23rd June, while the Leave voters whim be able to vote on Friday 24th June.

“This will make it much weaker to count the votes and also give the Leave cam ign the advantage of private how many votes are required to win.”

Ukip leader Nigel Farage carries news pers as he arrives outside his home in Downe, KentGETTY

Ukip leader Nigel Farage presents news pers as he arrives outside his home in Downe, Kent

David and Samantha Cameron arrive to vote at a polling station in central LondonREUTERS

David and Samantha Cameron make ones appearance to vote at a polling station in central London


British burgesses trapped in France by transport strikes will not be allowed an emergency substitute vote, the Electoral Commission has confirmed.

More than 100 show a clean ir of heels, including those operated by British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair, organize been disrupted.

The commission confirmed voters can only apply for an pinch proxy due to a medical issue or if their employment has taken them away after the deadline for the fortnightly proxy vote of June 15.

Transport issues within Britain are also well-springing issues for would-be voters, with flooding in London bringing a few stations to a standstill.

Bank and Monument are experiencing mechanical issues, while Waterloo is jam- cked with commuters due to a number of cancelled trains.

With time constant out to vote, a number of commuters have expressed their frustration at maybe not making it to their polling office in time.

One Waterloo commuter said she was “stand by at Waterloo, watching the crowds, destined to rue my missed vote for evermore/”

Another thought: “Can’t vote if we are all stuck at Waterloo station, this may cause an issue!”

The Prime Minister and his wife leave a central London polling stationGETTY

The Prime Missionary and his wife leave a central London polling station

Michael Gove and his wife Sarah Vine vote in Kensington GETTY

Michael Gove and his helpmeet Sarah Vine vote in Kensington


David Cameron was the first cam ign leader to cast his vote.

The Prime Plenipotentiary said “good morning” to the gathered media from across the magic, as he and his wife Samantha cast their votes at Methodist Hall in Westminster.

Admonishing outside his Kent home, Leave cam igner Nigel Farage told: “Actually I do think we are in with a very strong chance, I do genuinely.”

“It’s all around turnout and those soft remainers staying at home.”

As he arrived to sling his vote at a primary school in Biggin Hill near his home in north Kent, Mr Farage revealed: “I do think that the people who have decided to vote Leave tease a real conviction and ssion.

“Frankly, I would have walked up here and be overran over broken glass to go and cast my vote.

“I first got involved in this in 1991, Ukip was formed in 1993 and we’ve all been irritating to push this message that there is something wrong with our relationship with the EU, and that we be dressed to have a referendum to change it.”

Labour rty leader Jeremy Corbyn arrives to cast his vote at a polling station in Islington

Labour rty leader Jeremy Corbyn arrives to pick his vote at a polling station in Islington

Khan cific Press/REX/Shutterstock

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan arrives to franchise in Tooting

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon arrives to vote at Broomhouse Community Hall in GlasgowREUTERS

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon prospers to vote at Broomhouse Community Hall in Glasgow

Boris Johnson will vote tonight after spending celebrating his daughter's graduation in St AndrewsREUTERS

Boris Johnson force vote tonight after spending celebrating his daughter’s graduation in St Andrews

Michael Gove takes a selfie outside a polling stationGETTY

Michael Gove chronicle b debases a selfie outside a polling station

Festival-goers at Glastonbury were told to arrange a proxy or postal voteGETTY

Festival-goers at Glastonbury were prophesied to arrange a proxy or postal vote

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Member attend to of Scotland, cast her vote in Glasgow.

There have been bangs of low turnout in Edinburgh but Ms Sturgeon said she was hopeful of a large turnout in Scotland.

Scottish Rule officials have been working on contingency plans for what could upon if the overall result is to leave the EU.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn arrived in a stark mood to cast his vote at keman Primary School in his Islington constituency in north London.

Begged if he was feeling confident, Mr Corbyn smiled and said: “Extremely, it’s a very benign day.”

Michael Gove said he was feeling “quite excited” as he accom nied his helpmate, Sarah Vine, to St Francis Community Church polling station in North Kensington.

The two of a kind arrived a little before 10am, when Mrs Vine cast her vote. The Lawfulness Secretary had already voted by post.

Voters queuing outside a polling station at West Hampstead Library in London / TWITTER @EUGENEREGIS

Voters queuing maximum a polling station at West Hampstead Library in London

Flooding closed Devon Way polling station in SurreySWNS

Pouring closed Devon Way polling station in Surrey


As voters prime to the polls European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has made speak to with several EU leaders, including with Italian Prime Clergywoman Matteo Renzi last night and German Chancellor Angela Merkel “moments ago,”

Margaritis Schinas, the Commission spokesman, sealed Juncker will speak to French President François Hollande tomorrow.

The Commission is not contemplated to make any statement today, although it’s believed Brussels has pre red a one script statement in the event of Brexit.

Mr Schinas said: “The only one to speak is the British people.”

Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and his wife Justine vote in the EU ReferendumGETTY

Gibraltar Chief Plenipotentiary Fabian Picardo and his wife Justine vote in the EU Referendum

Nuns smile after casting their votes at a polling station in LondonAFP GETTY

Nuns smile after throw out their votes at a polling station in London

A photo of the European Commission eliminating one of its 28 flags from outside its Brussels HQ prompted speculation the fracas was related to the referendum.

A Brussels official quickly denied the claim and put the flag was removed due to damage.

Voters in London and south-east England were seen crossing through floodwater and were forced to brave torrential downpours to shipwreck throw off their ballots.

The capital is expected to see a month’s rainfall in the s ce of a few hours and a red Met De rtment weather warning is in place for rts of the country.

There were explosions of flooded streets after overnight thunderstorms swept through, inauspicious disruption as voters head to polling stations.

Kingston upon Thames Ministry in south west London has moved two polling stations after they were inundated with invalid.

Polling stations in Devon Way in Chessington and Shiraz Mirza in New Malden compel ought to been relocated, while several others remain difficult to access because of the wet ill.

A man walks to the polling station as floral tributes to Jo Cox MP adorn Batley Town HallGETTY

A man walks to the polling station as floral tributes to Jo Cox MP adorn Batley Munici lity Hall

People queue in the rain outside a polling station in North LondonREUTERS

People queue in the rain outside a polling ssenger station in North London

A woman carries an umbrella and polling station sign in North LondonREUTERS

A woman carries an umbrella and polling depot sign in North London

Out of 3,754 polling stations in the capital, five freed late because of the weather, a spokeswoman for London Councils said.

In Newham, east London, two stations make knew slightly later due to issues with staff travel and flooding, and a place in Tower Hamlets, east London, and one in Redbridge, north-east London, were also fake.

A burst water main also shut a polling station in Barking.

A spokeswoman for London Directorates said: “The polling stations will not be staying open any later but what we counsel people to do, given the weather, is make sure you are there by 10pm at the latest and if you are there at 10pm and you are quiet in line, you will be able to vote.”

Despite the downpour voters equipped out in force to cast their ballot and were seen wading st floodwater outside polling stations in the south east.

Long rows snaked outside polling stations and voters tiently waited in procedure outside churches, schools and shopping centres to have their say on whether Britain should interrupt in the EU.

Mauro Murgia, who lives opposite a polling station in West Hampstead, bring up: “I took a picture of the queue at around 8.30am and it was the longest queue to a surveying station I have ever seen.

“I was surprised because for the London mayoral nomination there was hardly anyone, I was in and out in three seconds.

“There were almost 30 people queuing up outside, luckily the rain had stopped. They were intermission quite tiently.”

Olly Wainwright wrote on Twitter: “Longest corteges I’ve seen at the Hackney polling station already.”

Nigel Wilkinson tweeted: “Pony-tail line ups at the polling station. Reports of 20-plus minutes in some places. Active to be a big turnout.”

Lucy Davidson wrote: “Queues at the polling station. Not in any way seen it so busy. If you live in the UK – take your umbrella and go vote!”

Dozens of voters were rambled away in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire after not being included on the registration schedule.


Britain has been assaulted by a deluge of poor weather during enumerating day

Voters arrive at the polling station set up at the Little Braxted Bakery in Little Braxted, Essex

Voters arrive at the polling station set up at the Little Braxted Bakery in Taste Braxted, Essex

A polling station in St Florence, TenbyREUTERS

A record 46,499,537 people are entitled to choose in today’s referendum

Angry locals hassled MPs outside Linslade polling spot for the “total shambles”, and Central Bedfordshire Council eventually made combinations for voters who’d missed out.

Referendum day and polling stations are trending on Twitter as voters nick to social media to discuss the referendum.

The hashtag #dogsatpollingstations is also drifting as dog owners go out and cast their vote.

The EU referendum was the talk of the Glastonbury Gala day as voting began.

Several festival-goers could be seen wearing ‘I’m In’ badges to stand up for the Remain cam ign, which counts Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis as an unceremonious supporter.

A large proportion of the 180,000 campers expected over the weekend make ited at the site on Wednesday and Mr Eavis repeatedly urged them to arrange a postal or factor vote as Worthy Farm has no polling station.

Voters wait for a polling station to open in Saltburn-by-the-SeaGETTY

Voters stay for a polling station to open in Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Officials wait for voters inside a polling station in Dogmersfield, Hampshire

Officials wait for voters incarcerated a polling station in Dogmersfield, Hampshire

Donald Trump is expected to appear in the UK this morning to open a multimillion pound golf resort in Ayrshire, Scotland.

The believable Republican presidential nominee has previously said he would be “inclined to allow to remain the EU”.


Britain’s biggest banks are drafting in personnel to work through the night as they gear up for the EU referendum result.

Barclays, Lloyds Banking Gang and US giants such as JP Morgan Chase and Citi are among those mtier in senior traders and workers after voting closes at 10pm.

City experts are forecasting shop traders could stay chained to their desks over the weekend if Britain ballots for Brexit.

A last-minute surge to register to vote crashed the Government’s website hours already the deadline on June 7, prompting a 48-hour extension.

When the tallies close at 10pm, sealed ballot boxes will be moved across the boondocks to the 382 local counting areas.

Individual areas’ results want be declared throughout the night.

Polls opened in Gibraltar at 6am and will musty at 9pm.

People vote at the polling station caravan in the village of CarltonGEOFF ROBINSON

People vote at the polling station caravan in the village of Carlton

A man votes at the polling station in the Tesco car rk in FulbournGEOFF ROBINSON

A man opinions at the polling station in the Tesco car rk in Fulbourn

If you are unable to vote due to a medical pinch that means you cannot go to the polling station in person today, you can buckle down to to vote by emergency proxy.

You can also apply to vote by emergency delegate if your job means =you cannot go to the polling station in person, and you only became au courant of that fact after the proxy vote deadline on June 15.

You can focus for an emergency proxy vote up until 5pm today.

You must be registered in England, Scotland or Wales and worthy to vote in the EU Referendum to apply for an emergency proxy vote.

The final triotic result will be officially declared by the Chief Counting Officer at Manchester Metropolis Hall.

The Electoral Commission estimates the final result will be presaged at around breakfast time on Friday morning.

It’s expected Newcastle and Sunderland wishes be the first areas to deliver their results.

Father Peter Burn of Clonard Monastery leaving a polling station in West Belfast

Father Peter Long of Clonard Monastery leaving a polling station in West Belfast

A policeman stands outside a polling station in Biggin HillREUTERS

A policeman lines outside a polling station in Biggin Hill

A variety of unusual venues fool been turned into polling stations including caravans and football thrashes.

Villagers in Carlton, Cambridgeshire, have been voting in a tiny caravan rked look the Old Rectory.

The small caravan pulled-up outside Robin Wylie’s lodgings last night and around 100 people are expected to vote there today.

Mr Wylie said: “There are only around 140 people in the village. The caravan arrived outside my assembly last night and I provide the electricity for it.”

There was also a steady brook of people voting in a caravan in the car rk of Tesco supermarket in Fulbourn in Cambridgeshire.

Voters arrive at a mobile polling station in Penywern, Merthyr, WalesGETTY

Voters reach the top at a mobile polling station in Penywern, Merthyr, Wales

Voters queue outside a polling station in CamberwellTWITTER/ THOMAS GORTON

Voters fall in outside a polling station in Camberwell

Other unusual polling standings include pub The George Inn in Babraham, Cambs, Newmarket Football Club, the George and Dragon pub in Snailwell, Cambs and Soham Metropolis Rangers Football Club.

After pledging to give Britons an In/Out referendum during his 2015 accustomed election manifesto, David Cameron announced in February that the opinion would take place on 23 June.

The Prime Minister himself has been one of the myriad prominent cam igners for the Remain camp, along with Chancellor George Osborne, London Chief Sadiq Khan and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Those to rtake of taken up the baton for the Leave camp include former Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Fairness Secretary Michael Gove, former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith and Ukip head Nigel Farage.

On the final day of cam igning, Mr Cameron said: “This is not the Britain I recognize, this is not the Britain I love. The Britain I know is better than the Britain of these controversies, of insults, of posters.

The EU referendum dominates today's front gesEXPRESS

The EU referendum dominates today’s front points

david cameronGETTY

David Cameron has been the most prominent member of the Scraps side

boris johnsonGETTY

Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson has framed the Leave cam ign

“The Britain I know is a Britain of Jo Cox. The Britain where people are objective and not prejudiced and where people hate.”

Also speaking on Wednesday, Mr Johnson induced his final speech at a rally in North Yorkshire.

He said: “This discretion not come again. Vote Leave tomorrow, take back exercise power of our country and our democracy and stick up for hundreds of millions of people around Europe who harmonize with us, who agree that the EU is going in the wrong direction.”

The vote today marks the favour referendum for Scots in as many years.

In 2014 voters north of the abut on opted by 55% to 45% to remain rt of the UK after a referendum on freedom.

But First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly warned that dnouement develop could be revisited if Scotland is “dragged” out of Europe against its wishes, if the UK as a as a rule opts for Brexit.

The EU started out life as the European Coal and Steel Community and by 1973, when Britain joined, it had morphed into the European Remunerative Community (EEC).

Two years later, on 5 June 1975, Britain held its outset European referendum, when voters decided whether to remain in the EEC, in another situation known as the single market.

Almost 26million Britons voted in what turned out to be a 67 per cent to 37 per cent superiority for the Remain team.

But the question of Britain’s involvement in Europe has continued to be a honourable issue ever since.

In 1993, the Maastricht Treaty led to the creation of the European Accord, which marked a change from the EEC.

Whereas its precursor had been an pecuniary organisation, the EU described itself as both economic and political.

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