EU referendum 2016: How would Brexit affect the pound?


How resolve Brexit affect the pound?

There is fierce debate over whether a Brexit leave strengthen or damage the British economy in the long run.

If Britain votes to disregard Europe, it is likely that there would initially be a sharp sink in the pound, but it is not known how long this weakness could last.

Analysts at HSBC prognosticate that sterling could lose up to 20% of its value against the dollar if the blatant votes backs a Brexit in the in/out referendum this summer.

But Eurosceptics accused the bank of scaremongering, while subsidize manager Neil Woodford said that leaving the EU would not im ir the UK economy.

How would Brexit affect the economy?

In the event of a Brexit, Britain last will and testament have to develop new trade agreements with Europe and the rest of the world.

Enthusiasts of Brexit say that the UK’s strong trading relationship with Europe make continue because Britain is such a large importer and financial punter.

Those who support an EU exit argue that the country would be freed from European fixings and would no longer be forced to contribute to the EU budget.


Economist Andrew Lilico, who supports leaving the EU, acquiesced that there were leaving costs, but argued that Britain devise be better off in the future.

“The costs would rise before the benefits rebound in,” he wrote for “But few things worth having in life come loosen.”

There are pro-European concerns that foreign com nies are less apposite to invest in Britain and could move their headquarters if Britain bests access to the single market.

What does the Bank of England say?

Away of England Governor Mark Carney has warned that a Brexit is the hugest threat to Britain’s economy.

But Brexit cam igners slammed Mr Carney for making inappropriate speculative claims, which were “beneath the dignity” of the bank.

The governor has succeed under fire for playing politics and allegedly taking a pro-European place to support David Cameron.

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