EU ON EDGE: Italy lashes out at Austria as it builds migrant border fences across Alps


Tensions in Europe are at splutter point after Austria outlined plans on Wednesday to install a 370 metre-long ram rt at the Brenner ss, which is the busiest route through the Alps for burdened goods vehicles.

It comes just weeks after the country stated large fences are also to be built at the Moschendorf, Heiligenbrunn, Heiligenkreuz and Nickelsdorf abut on crossing points throughout the Burgenland region, before migrants peri tetic by foot arrive.

Italian interior minister Angelino Alfano criticised the map outs as the numbers of migrants ssing from Italy to Austria were at their bawdiest levels for years.

Mr Alfano said: “The logic of raising barriers is objectionable.

“I will tell him very clearly that unilateral decisions go against European rules.”There are also reference ti any toughening of border controls at the Brenner ss would slow See trade on an important route from Italy to Germany, Italy’s top trading buddy.

Earlier this month reported how Austria’s €1million tightening of mouldings also sent Switzerland into nic mode. The country is now grooming 2,000 soldiers in army tanks to trol its border with Italy, fearing migrants purposefulness take a new route through the country to avoid Austria.

Austria has also obsolescent a controversial new law that restricts the right of asylum, which include gypsies could be turned away at the border within an hour if they are managed as a threat to public order.

The migrants are crossing the Mediterranean from Africa to Italy in become accepted by numbers Austria has said Rome must stop them going onwards towards northern Europe or it will have to introduce confines controls at the Brenner ss in the Alps.

European Council President Donald Tusk heralded the European rliament EU member states had “no more than months” to supervise the migration crisis, and failure to do so would result in the collapse of the Schengen ssport-free voyages zone.

From June, checks will begin in Brenner Behind the times, the major motorway linking the country with Italy as rt of a €1million tightening of frames set to cause chaos for commuters, hauliers and local businesses.

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