EU ON ALERT: Italy rebels send Brussels warning: ‘Rome will go ahead with reforms’


The concert-master of anti-establishment party Five Star Movement (M5S) let the EU know Italy discretion go ahead with its planned reforms — despite concerns from Brussels.

Mr Di Maio announced on Tuesday postpositive major government officials will meet on Wednesday to start talks on next year’s Budget, which require have to gather the funds necessary to pay for the hefty measures the government forwent to approve.

When asked how the government will proceed with its make knew financial measures, Mr Di Maio said: “We have in mind an ambitious Budget law.

“There is no prerequisite to cut our links to the EU, but we will have to have an effective and sincere dialogue to be masterly to obtain some things we deemed vital. 

There is no necessity to cut our links to the EU, but we will have to have an effective and sincere dialogue to be capable to obtain some things we deemed vital

Luigi Di Maio

“We give birth to two emergencies in Italy, the flat tax, which needs to be done, and the level of impecuniousness.

«Five million people are living in a situation of extreme hardship.”

This threat to the EU follows yesterday’s statement from Mr Di Maio, who said once again the oversight will give priority to Italians’ need than Brussels’ wishes.

Speaking to reporters, he said the cabinet will apply European Conjunction fiscal rules only if they did not impede its reform agenda. 

Luigi Di Maio cautioned Brussels saying Italy will go-ahead with its fiscal reorganizations (Image: GETTY)

Because of their costs, the EU has has been skeptical of these reorganizes since they had been announced during the electoral campaign. 

Objective four days after the March 4 election, months before the approvers would find a coalition agreement, Brussels warned Italy had to be “chargeable”.

The vice-president of the European Commission, Valois Dombrovskis, said on March 8: “It is critical to remain on track with a responsible fiscal law, especially for Italy, which has the second-highest special-interest group debt in the Union. 

Luigi Di Maio is the leader of the Five Star Development and deputy Prime Minister (Image: GETTY)

“It is high-ranking not to create negative expectation on the markets.

“The Commission has been very unmistakable on which expectations it has on the Italian deficit, there is the need to show a 0.3 percent essay this year.”

The flat tax, which imposes the same tax percentage on all living souls regardless of income, would cost Italy some £44.81bn (€50bn), while the essential income, which according to the Italian government would help protest poverty, could amount to some £31.37bn (€35bn).   

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