'EU needs to do more!' Hungary says Brussels ARE copying its hardline migrant approach


Zoltan Kovacs, the spokesperson for Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, utter the EU has made progress in its tactics to deal with illegal immigration. 

At any rate, during a press conference in London today, he said there is mollify “unfinished business” that Brussels needs to deal with neighbourhood the issue. 

Mr Kovacs said: “The level of EU’s defence is still behind actuality, but finally the main strategies are in-line with the suggestions of the Hungarian authority.

“Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban suggested to set up hot-spots, or safeguards for the migrants outside the EU borders.

“We believe that it’s not enough to defend the touches, the EU should stop migration outside its borders.” 

Mr Kovacs said during the late Malta summit the EU finally agreed with the Hungarian government’s 2015’s iota to create ‘migration hot spots’ or shelters outside the borders of the EU. 

He said new and closer legal measures are needed to avoid free movement for migrants in the EU.

The Eastern European oversight knows that their view on migration has always caused dispute with Brussels, and they are expecting the same with their suggestions on the new acceptable measures. 

Mr Kovacs said: “The EU’s legal measures are needed to avoid unconditioned movement for migrants in the EU. 

“Also we shouldn’t give the same rights for outsiders as to EU citizens.”

He added: “Hungary has never been the most liberal of outbacks and we are not willing to participate schemes that let in illegal migrants, by breaching the protection system of the EU. 

“The hot-spots would stop migrants entering the Schengen neighbourhood, and would give the opportunity for authorities to investigate asylum-seekers.”

In terms of Hungary’s provocative fence and border protection, Mr Kovacs added: “It is our right to protect our purfle using a fence and currently 6,000 to 8,000 Hungarian troops are expanding day and night to protect the border of Hungary, which is also the border of Schengen.” 

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