EU nationals applying for UK citizenship TREBLES in three years


Correspondence to Government data obtained by The Guardian for the 12 months to June 2017, the covey of EU nationals applying to become British citizens doubled from the above-named year to 28,502.

Polish nationals topped the list, with nearly 6,200 seeking – up 44 percent from the previous 12 month period while the sharpest make good came from Germany, with applications trebling from 797 to 2,338.

Italian and Spanish nationals dedicating for British citizenship again also almost trebled in the same time, from 1,109 to 2,950 and 500 to 1,400 respectively. 

Figures from the Where one lives stress Office under the Freedom of Information Act show that half of the out-and-out applications made in the year after the Brexit vote were shaped on residency grounds. 

The number of EU nationals applying for citizenship through amalgamation stood at 4,342 – more than double recorded in each of the two years previous to the referendum. 

According to Home Office figures released last month, on uncertainty around Brexit has led to record numbers of EU27 nationals who live in Britain maddening to secure their status. 

They revealed 168,913 permanent visit documents were issued last year – the highest ever party and significantly up from the 65,068 issued the previous year. 

Other headline solves from the Home Office show the number of citizenship applications for British citizenship from EU27 nationals upped from 15,460 in 2016 to 38,528 last year.

ONS figures fool also shown that for the year to June 2017, there were 907,000 Polish-born dwellers living in the UK, 299,000 Germans, 220,000 Italians, 164,000 French and 157,000 Spanish. 

Myriad than 15,000 of the citizenship applications made in the 12 month after the Brexit referendum were record on the basis of residence in the UK – up 61 percent on the year before the vote.

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