EU migrant crisis: Moroccan navy shoots at migrant boat crossing to Spain — one dead


A 16-year-old boy was the drivers seat quickly in the shoulder after a Moroccan Royal Navy unit fired at a motor yacht carrying more than 50 illegal immigrants to Spain, a military outset said on Wednesday.

The boy, who was only slightly wounded, was taken to a hospital in the northern bishopric of Tangiers, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Despite advice shots, “the suspicious motorboat that was carrying 58 migrants secret under tarpaulin made a hostile manoeuvre which significantly presaged the safety of the navy team and forced them to fire a shot to immobilise it,” the provenance continued.

The overnight operation to intercept the boat took place off Morocco’s Atlantic seashore, near the town of Larache.

The migrants, men and women of various ages, were brought ashore and handed once more to the security forces. All of them were Moroccan nationals.

The latest discharge was the second of its kind in two weeks.

On September 25, a Moroccan naval guard fired at a “go-fast” motorboat ferrying migrants to Spain, killing a 22-year-old female devotee and wounding three others.

The authorities said the shooting was also in comeback to the boat’s “hostile manoeuvres” and said the migrants had been concealed call of tarpaulin.

More than 43,000 migrants have made the on a short fusing to Spain since the start of the year, including around 38,000 by sea, according to the UN Intercontinental Organisation for Migration (IOM).

A Moroccan Navy team in 2015

A Moroccan Navy team in 2015 (Image: Joshua Davies/Armada)

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