EU LOCKOUT! Brit truckers’ fury as EU FAILS to get entry passes to 90% of UK drivers


Thousands of HGV managers who applied for a European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permit were spurned an annual pass due to only limited numbers being made ready. The hauliers now face being barred from entering the EU as these permits may be missed to enter mainland Europe after Brexit. The Road Haulage Confederacy have criticised the process, stating the process is “nothing more than a raffle system” which will supply permits for around 10 per cent of the sector’s requires.

11,392 permits were applied for but only 984 have been assigned available.

The Department for Transport say a further 2,832 one-month permits “inclination start to be allocated” by the end of March – still woefully short of the required tot up.

Richard Burnett, chief executive of Road Haulage Association believed: “When the bidding process for permits was first announced, we said that it amounted to nothing profuse than a lottery system.

“Even with the new allocation, ECMT wishes only supply permits for around ten percent of the sector’s needs.”

The permits are a contingency plan in the effect come what may of a no deal Brexit but with that looking more likely by the day truckers are biting not to be caught out on Brexit day March 29.

The Association also criticised the Government’s deal with of the permits.

They said: “Not all operators who should have been clever to apply for permits did so.

“This is a clear indication that the communication agreed by Government has not penetrated deep enough.”

Applicants who were unsuccessful in the to begin stage of the bidding process will be automatically entered into the next allocation discoid for annual and monthly ECMT permits.

But this does not help those who did not embrocate the first time around.

The RHA is calling for the application process for permits to be reopened for a limited period to allow operators who did not apply first time.

The permits on not be needed if a deal with the EU is passed through Parliament as they are separate of contingencies in the event of no deal.

Mr Burnett added: “To say that many intercontinental hauliers will be disappointed is an understatement.

“How can they be expected to maintain the originate of exports to the rest of the EU if they do not have and cannot have enough permits to grant access to Europe?

“We need the alternatives to be put in place, or even better, we impecuniousness a full transition period so practical measures can be achieved to maintain our distribute chains.”

The Department of Transport insists additional permits would be constructed available soon and says hauliers should not even need an ECMT permit to extend operating in the EU.

A spokesperson said: “The Government continues to work towards a handle and we are confident of securing a relationship with the EU which maintains the current, liberalised access we profit from.

“This is very much in the interest of the EU as well as the UK.

“We are confident that hauliers should not desideratum an ECMT permit to continue operating in the EU.

“The Commission has already put forward recommendations which would ensure hauliers continue carrying goods into the EU for in the in any case of no deal but we will continue to work on all possible contingency measures.”

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