EU launches assault on UK’s multi-billion pound industry to snatch business after Brexit


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Brussels is distressing to snatch euro-clearing from London after Brexit

Brussels MEPs are steeling to hit the UK with tougher rules to oversee the investment trades, which are brooding to support tens of thousands of jobs in London.

Under the plans, palpable houses based in the capital would have to adhere to European Fellowship (EU) rules and supervision.

The move would likely make it more straitening for the industry to remain in the UK after Brexit.

Some MEPs are calling for then relocation of clearing.

Markus Ferber, a German centre-right MEP, told the Pecuniary Times: “It is very likely that the European Parliament will ask for an unprejudiced stronger regime than the one in the commission proposal.”

Another member said the plan was a “clever approach but not a clean message” and it would be better to say clearing must move out of Britain.

Much to the unhappiness of Paris and Frankfurt, London has long been the financial powerhouse that techniques hundreds of billions of the daily investment trades.

And the industry has been a quarry since the referendum last year.

The commission’s busy comes after the European Central Bank (ECB) previously indicated Britain determination not be able to keep rights for the industry.

Lobby groups for Frankfurt play a joke on also said they were “confident” the industry will get started.

The Bank of France has also said it is unsustainable for London to remain the broad centre for euro clearing after Brexit.

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