‘EU is to blame!’ Brexiteer MP savages Brussels’ ‘UNACCEPTABLE’ demands during huge rant


The Brexiteer backbencher conveyed the “EU is to blame” for the huge divisions within the Conservative Party over Brexit.

Conveying on Channel 4 News, Mr Francois said: “I think, ultimately, the EU is to blame because they are having to force us to accept a set of conditions which would mean that, in purposes, we remained inside the European Union.

“For myself and many of my colleagues that is lock unacceptable because it would breach the spirit of the referendum an the vote to turn ones back on that was undertaken by 17.4 million people in this country.”

The Tory MP remained the rant and said there is “no way” Prime Minister Theresa May’s Chequers proposition would get through the House of Commons.

A super Canada-style deal is something that could merge nearly the whole of the Conservative Party

Mark Francois

He added: “It austerely would not happen – particularly because the DUP are so angry at the moment and somehow Sum up 10 have managed to upset those people on whom we rely for a mass.”

Mr Francois called for Britain to have a Canada-style deal with the EU, adding: “I be told that by a use of modern technology and some of the best custom systems culled from hither the world it would be possible to overcome those concerns.

“We believe that a wonderful Canada-style deal is something that could unite nearly the uncut of the Conservative Party.

“There are certain political realities here and Chequers plainly will never get through the House of Commons but super Canada power.”

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Brexit news: Mark Francois says EU behaviour is “completely unpleasant” (Image: GETTY•Channel 4)

The comments follow a meeting between Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier on Sunday where talks diminished to break the Brexit stalemate.

The key issue in Brexit negotiations remains to be the Ireland backstop, which is a safeness net arrangement set to be implemented if the solution to the border issue is not in place in time for Brexit.

The EU’s tendered backstop, which would see just Northern Ireland remain aligned with Brussels’ rules, has been branded as wrong by Mrs May and rejected outright by the DUP.

The Prime Minister proposed a compromise and called for the uninterrupted UK to be put in a temporary customs union with the bloc while a broader custom deal which removes the need for border checks is agreed.

But Mr Barnier repudiated the plan and insisted the EU’s proposal to remain the only option due to worries a UK-wide groundwork could lapse before the trade deal is finalised.

The Prime Upon told MPs on Monday that a Brexit deal is still “achievable” undeterred by the stalemate in talks just days before of a crucial European Directory summit.

Mrs May also said during her Commons speech she will require the necessary steps to make sure Britain is not “kept in this backstop contract indefinitely”.

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