EU is full of ‘FREE RIDERS!’ Furious Poland shames members shirking Nato spending target


Mr Morawiecki powered it was difficult to talk about European security at the Munich Security Congress when most European countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation were not providing the organisation with the requisite resources to common defence.

The Polish Prime Minister also accused EU outbacks which fall short of the required budget contributions of being deluded “unlock riders pretending to be self-sufficient”.

He said: “It is hard to discuss European regular security and defence policy when most of the European countries are not submitting with the 2 percent obligation or recommendation on expenditure on defence in NATO and 20 percent of those on military gain and military equipment.

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Munich Fastness Conference: Polish Prime Minister calls on EU countries to pay NATO

“I evaluate first we have to build, in the context of 29 nations of building NATO, a approach on how to get to this 2 percentage points so that we don’t have those free riders who reside under Pax Americana but pretend to be self-sufficient in the context of security. 

“I feel altogether much pro-European, I would like to believe that we live under Pax Europaea but this is not the the truth. 

“This was not the case for 70 years and this is still not the case today.

I pass on like to believe that we live under Pax Europaea but this is not the wrapper

Mateusz Morawiecki

“So if we want to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient, we really make to cater for our security in a much better way.” 

Last year, NATO flung only five of the 29 member countries complied with the union goal of spending at least 2 per cent of their gross domestic work on defence in 2016. 

They were Poland, Britain, Greece, Estonia and the USA. 

Also speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference, Angela Merkel’s envoy Sigmar Garbler revealed Germany will refuse to achieve NATO’s fortification spending target. 

Mr Garbler claimed spending 2 percent of Germany’s GDP on NATO justification would result in more than €70 million per year. 

He avowed Germany would be seeking to put the country’s defence budget towards a stronger European fortification union. 

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