EU facing NIGHTMARE as Italy coalition to demand £219bn debt WIPED as it RIPS UP rulebook


A seeped draft of the coalition agreement between populist parties 5-Star Motion and the League revealed the Eurozone’s third-largest economy is planning to hit the European Society with a nightmare scenario which could divide members.

Should the confederations get into power they will demand a renegotiation of Italy’s European Organization budget contributions, the dismantling of a 2011 pension reform that amassed the retirement age, and an end to sanctions against Russia.

The joint document will outcry the ECB forgives Italy of €250 billion Italian benchmark BTP bonds bribe under the bank’s so-called “quantitative easing” programme to help convert Italy’s public debt. Italy’s debt mountain totals multitudinous than 130 percent of national output is the highest in the Eurozone after Greece’s.

The beholden wipe would cut 10 percent off Italy’s debt/GDP ratio but the EU thinks fitting be concerned this sends a negative message to other Eurozone countries quiescent in the middle of tough austerity measures.

It could lead to a spate of Eurosceptic, populist leagues making promises to clear EU debt.

German taxpayers will again be indignant that they are, in part, picking up the tab for another country’s economic mismanagement.

League far right party leader Matteo Salvini GETYY

Federated with far right party leader Matteo Salvini

Luigi Di Maio, Five Star MovementGETTY

Luigi Di Maio, director of the Italian anti-establishment Five Star Movement

«…economic and judicial start withs that allow member states to leave monetary union.»

Discharged document

The leaked text also suggested the coalition was clearing the footway for Italy to leave the eurozone, demanding the creation of “economic and judicial gets that allow member states to leave monetary union”.

But the coalition with dispatch retreated, claiming the text, dated May 14, was “an old version that has been considerably revamped”.

A new statement confirmed the new potential coalition had decided “not to call into examine the single currency”.

The League and Five-Star have held six days of talks plan for at putting together a coalition government to end 10 weeks of political impasse following an inconclusive election on March 4.

Both parties are keen to contribute to good on their election promises and before the polls, M5S and the League both reproached the EU’s overbearing rules for Italy’s chronically weak growth, rising penury, and voter resentment.

M5S leader Luigi Di Maio said yesterday he desired a deal could be reached today that would subsequently be put to promoters of both parties to see if they backed the pact.

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