EU civil war: Bitcoin will NOT be regulated fume financial chiefs


EU civil war: Bitcoin will NOT be regulated fume financial chiefsGETTY

EU legitimates clash among themselves over how to deal with bitcoin

Infighting has disjointed out as the EU struggles to put on a united front in the wake of the bitcoin bubble. 

In a recent interview with sow Bloomberg Surveillance, Pierre Moscovici, EU’s financial commissioner, dismissed bitcoin as an variant currency. 

He said: “No we are not having those conversations right now.

“At this Thespianism, we do not consider bitcoin as an alternative currency, not like the euro. We see that there is unequivocally a lot of speculation about that.

“Again speculation is overactive or exuberant — We look at that and analysed the phenomenon, but we don’t deem we have to react to bitcoin as a political and technical body.”

But others clothed called for the bloc to clampdown on bitcoin amid concerns over cryptocurrencies couplings to terrorist financing, money laundering and tax evasion. 

And European legislators joined digital currencies to the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which believes bitcoin to be a “monetary instrument.”

The EU is also considering a database of

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