EU CANNOT threaten us: Turkey's WARNING to Juncker after Europe's order on death penalty


Mevlut Cavusoglu perceived Haberturk TV that Juncker should not look down on Turkey or have in mind it can be ordered around.

The comments came in response to EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker who utter if Turkey went forward with the death penalty there would be no conviction for the country joining the EU.

Questioned Ankara’s long-standing aspiration to join the EU, he reported: “I believe that Turkey, in its current state, is not in a position to become a fellow any time soon and not even over a longer period.

He told French boob tube France 2 that if Turkey reintroduces the death penalty – something the administration has said it must consider, responding to calls from supporters at communal rallies for the coup leaders to be executed – it would stop the EU accession operation immediately.

Turkey abolished capital punishment in 2004, allowing it to unsealed EU accession talks the following year, but the negotiations have made scant make headway since then.

Erdogan has declared a state of emergency, which approves him to sign new laws without prior rliamentary approval and limit sounds as he deems necessary. The government has said these steps are needed to descent out supporters of the coup and won’t infringe on the rights of ordinary Turks.

It comes as Turkey tidy the detention of 42 journalists on Monday, broadcaster NTV reported, under a crackdown come after a failed coup that has targeted more than 60,000 people, plan fire from the European Union.

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