Eton deputy head leaves school after he ‘helped pupils CHEAT by leaking exam questions’


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Mo Tanweer has left-wing the college following claims he leaked exam questions

Mo Tanweer, chief executive officer of economics and deputy headmaster of academics at the public school, left after an inquisition by the Cambridge International Examinations Board (CIE) over the sharing of questions with other instructors ahead of an upcoming exam.

A statement from Eton College said: “Eton College can sanction that following an investigation by the Cambridge International Examinations Board into maladministration, the food concluded that there had been a breach of exam security by one of Eton’s dons in relation to one of the Pre-U Economics papers.

«Eton took this theme extremely seriously and co-operated fully with CIE’s investigation throughout.

«The don concerned has left the school. Whilst pupils had done nothing improper, they were inadvertent recipients of confidential information and so the board granted them assessed marks for that paper according to its established method. 

“Eton College entirely regrets that this incident occurred.»

CIE runs international course of study programmes and qualifications, including the Cambridge Pre-U, which is used as an surrogate to A-levels.

Simon Henderson, Eton’s headmaster, told parents and learners in a letter: “I am very sorry to be writing with this extremely unwished for news. Regrettably this decision has had to be taken by the examination board because of the reaction behaviours of a member of Eton’s staff.

Eton deputy head leaves school after he 'helped pupils CHEAT by leaking exam questions'GETTY

The prestigious school has apologised to progenitors over the incident

“This is a matter that, as headmaster, I have captivated very seriously and Mr Tanweer has now left Eton’s employment.”

The leaked questions cognate to a section of a two-hour exam in which pupils were required to select three questions out of a choice of six to answer in essay style.

The CIE investigation concluded Mr Tanweer cut emails with other teachers, constituting a breach of exam custodianship, and as a rest the exam board will disregard the marks from Eton disciples for that sections and instead award a mark based on an average of the neophytes’ results from the other two sections of the test.

Eton deputy head leaves school after he 'helped pupils CHEAT by leaking exam questions'GETTY

Jacob Rees-Mogg is mass the school’s former pupils

Eton charges a staggering £37,000-a-year in compensations.

The school, which boasts alumni including 19 former UK prime curs as well as a host of current politicians such as Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, has preserve continued a lower profile in recent years after mistakenly sending out despatches to prospective pupils offering them conditional entrance to the school in July 2015.

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