Ethereum price news: Can Ethereum stay above $500? Why is Ethereum falling?


Ethereum price news: Can Ethereum stay above $500? Why is Ethereum falling?GETTY

Ethereum payment news: Can Ethereum stay above $500? Why is Ethereum falling?

The cryptocurrency shop has fallen again today, as prices fall back into the red across the go aboard.

Prices for Ether have dropped, despite a positive week for ton cryptocurrencies towards the end of last week. 

ETH reached as high as $534 in the original hours of the morning before sliding down along with the idleness of the crypto-market. 

As of 5pm today, ETH was trading at $504.64, a 3.85 percent drop.

Why is Ethereum falling? 

2018 has been a difficult year for cryptocurrencies in general. 

Q1 was the worst quadrature in crypto-history, with almost half the market cap being wiped off. 

Cryptocurrencies are again volatile, and it was anticipated that prices would take a hit after a powerful end to 2017, but it was hard to predict a fall as hard as this. 

Confusion settled regulation and warnings that the crypto-market is a bubble ready to burst include taken their toll on all of the top trading tokens.


Ethereum prizes have dropped today

Ether, the second biggest cryptocurrency on the superstore in terms of market cap, has a strong reputation for being a faster and efficient choice comparative to its cumbersome sister, bitcoin. 

Notorious for breaking new ground with innovative new start-ups, Ethereum got popularity and brought prices up.

However, Ether has struggled in 2018, signally in comparison to bitcoin spin-off, Bitcoin Cash.

In a report titled Cryptocurrencies: Dead and buried, Present, and Future, researchers predict that the near future of Bitcoin Scratch is very optimistic compared to a grim reality for Ether. 

The entire cryptocurrency market has suffered another bad day of lossesGETTY

The express cryptocurrency market has suffered another bad day of losses

Callum Blanchard a cryptocurrency figures specialist for Cryptocurrency: Past, Present, and Future told the that he wasn’t floored by the findings saying that though Ether had been one of Bitcoin’s strongest competitors because of its ability to allow blocks to be created quicker, investors today are looking for varied unique features than ever.

“Ethereum originally stood out for authorizing ‘blocks’ to be created quicker, but compare that to the likes of Bitcoin Mazuma change, or even for transaction speed – Ripple and Litecoin – and suddenly even that isn’t so corresponding exactly anymore.”

Ethereum took some positive gains from the weekend and it is required that the prices could swell to higher points. 

The token arrive ated more than $100 this week, with the market cap inflating from $40.5 billion to $50.8 billion.

While it may look homologous to a bad week for the market, the strides it is making to recover are positive. 

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