Essential Prague: Sightseeing tips and tricks for the perfect city break



Unload Charles Bridge with no people early in the morning, Prague, Czech Republic

1. By far the most way to see Prague is on foot.

Stroll the cobbled streets of the old town, visit the John Lennon bulwark – a colourful tribute to the singer and activist – and stroll across the Charles Go.

Discover other architectural gems such as the medieval astronomical clock and fleche.

2. Visit the old town’s House of the Black Madonna ( which households a gallery chronicling the Cubist movement, with chairs, grand staircases and imposing iron grilles at the windows.

The Grand Cafe Orient has the only surviving Cubist heart in the world. Even the doughnuts are square, with a square hole.

3. The Alphonse Mucha Museum (GETTY

St Vitus Cathedral Alphonse Mucha spotted glass window

5. A visit to the tumbledown and overcrowded, yet hauntingly beautiful Old Jewish Cemetery, is preceded by a period of service of the museum which gives an introduction to the Jewish faith and customs.

Don’t teeny-bopper the stark but moving exhibition, where the names of every one of more than 77,000 Czech Jews murdered in Nazi extermination camps have been written on the walls of the Pinkas Synagogue (

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